Saturday, October 1, 2011

#577 - Dungeons e Fetish - Transformed into a sissy faggot

Nice link by our sweet friend Degrademe for D&F collection of today..
The trasformation of Jazii into a erotic sissy here it's a sort of masterpeace!
Tia Tizzianni is specialized in this sort of practice of sissification..
I think.. she is a fabolous mistress/guide..
do you remember Kitti Kaiti?! final results are always hot! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. Another lucky girl. Another happy customer!

  2. ffluff4u said: I LOVE this video. Such a lovely, authentic sissy! She has the effeminate mannerisms down perfectly, and her voice...I just love listening to her talk with that high pitched, sissy affectation. She's so perfect. I so wish I could be her...

  3. I agree with the above commentss. I so wish that I was her. I better email Miss Tia Tizzi ASAP ! Thanks for posting this Anna. Much Love & Much Thanks from Noel.

  4. easily my favorite video ever uploaded here. I just keep cumming back to it. I just have one problem. The cock she is sucking on is just so small.


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