Saturday, October 15, 2011

#620 - Kitty Kaiti III

Generally I don't like shemale solo videos..
but today i decided to make an exception for this sensual clip of Kaiti!
I think she is one of the absolute hottest gurl..
and this is not only because her beauty (she is delicate and gorgeous of course)
it's expecially because she is evolved.. to a real teen girl!
this video is a mix of erotism, class and charm.. b&w choise is sublime!

Anna Malice


  1. I found a clip of her on X-tube being trained by a Dom. She is so cute.

  2. Sweetest ass EVER!!

  3. I am glad to see Kaiti looking cute and happy again. All the vids I had seen lately had had her with that chubby dom with the short mushroom penis. The dom seemed fond of overdoing Kaiti's makeup to the point that she looked cheap and a bit silly. She also never looked happy in the ones I saw. This is much better. Back to basics and smiling again. Let your beauty show itself, no need to mask it with too much makeup.

  4. I absolutley love and adore Kaiti & love this video.

    Everything Anna said about it is what I was thining again OMG so weird xD

    She looks happy & hottt & cute & etc. as always.

    I dream to be as beautiful as her & evolve like she is doing. Hmm maybe one day & maybe one day soon I hope.

    Much Thanks & Love - Noel xoxo

  5. Kitty Kaiti is always a favorite!
    I never get tired of seeing her beautiful face, and especially her sweet, awesome ass.
    Thanks for posting her up!

    -Sissy Splitter

  6. Anna grandissima!!! per te solo inchini!!!! :x :x :x ti ho "pubblicato da me" :D

  7. Please don't refer to me as a crossdresser, it's offensive. Also, be advised, the video you had posted is illegally pirated content.

  8. Kaiti.. a big honour to have you on my blog!
    forgive me.. of course, you are a beautiful dread (not a crossdresser)
    this video was outstanding.. anyway it was hosted by xhamster.. and as you noticed it was deleted and no more visible!

  9. Thanks for the quick response. And yes the video is no longer available as the company that shot and owned the video had it legally removed from the tube site. The actual video can be seen on Shemale-Club dot com.

  10. I post everything i found free to share hosting on other sites.. by the embedding function.. If you don't want to be hosted on my site.. just tell me.. i admire you and i don't want offend you in any way ;))


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