Tuesday, October 11, 2011

#608 - Sheyenne Lima II

Sheyenne Lima (AKA: Shayene ,Chayenne,Shayenna, Shaylene)

Anna Malice


  1. Shayenne! One of my all time favs! She always makes my little clitty-cock so HARD! God! Its hard enuf to stop touching myself while I type this! Nice work Anna. I'm gonna replay it & finish off what the first look started!

  2. This big boy thinks he's going to spend a lazy Brazilian afternoon in his hammock, that is until lovely she-boi Sheyenne walks in with something all together different in mind. She's hungry for some hard thick cock and she knows where to find one.Lucky for her this hard bodied stud comes well equipped to meet her needs! She immediately goes to work on his exceptionally gorgeous piece of man-meat while getting some quick tastes of his well-muscled chest and thighs- I can really go for some of that myself-
    yummy! By now our hard stud is ready to take over and gives this little sis a deep thorough ass pounding- lovely! With her pussy well used Sheyenne then finishes off this Brazilian beauty by flicking her tongue over the swollen head of his aching cock, inducing the release of his sweet sperm into her waiting mouth! I think I'm going to move to Brazil!- pussyboi


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