Monday, October 10, 2011

#606 - Sissy Cocksucking Trainer HQ by Sissy Couture

for all of you that asked to this famous video posted on number #99 (deleted and re-found)
tonight I decided to re-post it in an higher quality version.
as obvious, it's great clip indeed by Sissy Couture
one of my absolute favorite sissy video maker! ;)

Anna Malice

PS: dont miss the new hypnotic premiere of tomorrow night!! ..and never forget to rate! ;))


  1. this makes me sooo horny I wish I could suck and swallow real men's hot sponk. keep up the good work babe

  2. It's a really good video! There are some super hot scenes there.

  3. What's the name of the woman 'narrating' (for lack of a better term) part of the video?

  4. Very good I enjoyed that one .

    Great work Carla

  5. That is spectacular! I am soo hot for cock right now!

  6. Bravo!
    Sexy and sooo suggestive.

    If any video makes me feel like I NEED a fat cock fucking my throat and depositing its yummy load in me, it's this one!!
    Not that I need a video to tell me that :P

  7. I absolutley love all of Sissy Couture's videos. Im going to watch & comment on them all here. I am also going to email her & thank her personally. She knows exactly what all of us gurls love & does an outstanding & amazing job on her videos each & everytime. I am truly amazed. Thanks so much - Noel xoxo


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