Friday, September 30, 2011

#576 - Droll and Stroke you stupid hypno pig - by Holly

Let me tell you thanks, Holly, for your precious collaboration
uploading these hot serie of videos!
tonight with the powerful Capri Anderson
another wonderful pov humiliation clip!
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

PS: don't miss the hot premiere of tomorrow night! ;)

#575 - Andreia Mel

the hot shemale Andreia..
protagonist of the shemale's video of today! ;)

Anna Malice

#574 - Dungeons e Fetish - Tranny torture, BDSM session

D&F collection of today..
hosts an interesting bdsm session.. with a lot a different tortures..
I really like this kind of practices.. imagining me.. as one of the protagonists.
I confess you.. i really like bdsm.. it's a fact!
is it because.. maybe i'm a natural born slave?!? ;))

Anna Malice

Thursday, September 29, 2011

#573 - Another Fuck Suck by Felicia Lightner

another thursday.. another fuck slut by Felicia Lighter..
I'm always proud to host her jobs.. old or new.. they are always intelligent, sensual and hot!
It's always a pleasure.. remind to you Her blog
simply beautiful!

Anna Malice

#572 - Sabrinita

Sabrinita (AKA: Sabrina)
a wonderful afernoon of sex with boyfriend! ;)

Anna Malice

#571 - Dungeons e Fetish - Asian shemale massage

Even if censured.. this clip, chosen of the D&F collection of today,
has something intriguing, charming.. and so sensual!
it's a classic erotic fantasy.. for every sissy (for me sure)..
a slow progression.. impossible to resist!
as obvious, japanese taste and imagination.. are always the best! ;)

Anna Malice

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#570 - Beat it .. loser! - pov humiliation by Holly

by Holly (a super special french kiss to you, many thanks)
another beautiful mix of pov humiliation videos
just to reinforce the concept.. you are not a real man!
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

#569 - Carla Novaes V

Carla Novaes.. always so incredible and wonderful,
she is the protagonist of this hot sublime clip..
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

#568 - Dungeons e Fetish - Don't make Gia angry

Gia Darling, the angry protagonist
of the D&F video of today
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#567 - Sissy slut trance by Degrademe

Degrademe.. beautiful first shot.. my truly congratulations!
thanks to have thought of me..
simply, I adore you! ;)
this premiere is for all of you.. writers, publishers, authors inside
so feminine to be able to generate..

Anna Malice

#566 - The Feminization of Melody

I recived this erotic incredible clip by Melody.. a lovely follower of this blog..
by a sissy boy.. to a transgender.. now she became a perfectly feminine girl!
she sent me this genuine clip of her real sex moments.. many thanks
I find this video completely hot!
one of her first wonderful expirience in her new dimension of perfectly feminine girl!

I consider Melody like a butterfly..
no more a boy confused, no more a sissy..
only something.. beautiful, harmonius and free.. ;)
a big kiss

Anna Malice

#565 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissy processed and prissified

Super hot long video today, for the D&F collection!
It's a full movie that realise a classic fantasy of every sissy!
I suppose it could be deleted soon..
so enjoy before it's too late!

Anna Malice

Monday, September 26, 2011

#564 - Hypno Cock Worship III with Minxie and Isabella Valentine

The last of the hypno cock worship video..
the number 3 is an interesting voice mix with Isabella Valentine classic and Minxie Mistress

Anna Malice

PS: dont miss the hypno video premiere of tomorrow night! ;)

#563 - Alessandra Leite II

Alessandra Leite from Sao Paolo, Brazil,
one of my new favorite model.. ;)
Nice to take a look also to her blog

Anna Malice

#562 - Dungeons e Fetish - Carmen Cruz, how to dominate a man

the wonderful protagonist of the D&F video of today is Carmen Cruz!
really a BDSM session in a dungeon, without escapes for her dominated man!
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

Sunday, September 25, 2011

#561 - Lexi Mistress - Jerk off instruction

Another Jerk off instruction session by Lexi Lapetina!
Of course, maybe you are a little bit bored by JOI clips,
I suppose you are also tired of Lexi.. maybe
I have some interesting new hypno clips for the next week.. just to please you more..
But tonight, forgive me.. I can't resist to post something about Lexi! ;))

Anna Malice

#560 - Sabrina Hemolly

Sabrina Hemolly (AKA: Sabrina Emoli)
a super classic clip for the shemale's video of today!
I always loved her way to recive cock from behind! ;)
enjoy! ;)

Anna Malice

#559 - Sissy Story 8 - Trapped and Trained

Sissy sunday morning story!
I'm not sure you like these kind of posts.. let me know about it!
anyway I'm continuing with our sunday appointments!
enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

PS if english is not your own language try to translate the page by google language tools
inserting the address of this page!

Trapped and Trained

I responded to an ad on Craigslist from some guy asking for help to move some furniture. He was paying pretty well and, after I practically laughed at him for asking if I could lift the furniture, he agreed to have me over to get it done. We moved everything around for what felt like hours, often moving the same piece of furniture to what seemed like the same place it was originally. Finally he decided he liked the new arrangement, which wasn't that drastically different than how it looked when we started. Obviously exhausted, I sat down on the couch. He asked me if I'd like a Gatorade, to which I quickly accepted. He brought it to me in a glass and, while it tasted a bit off at first, I didn't care and gulped the entire thing down, then leaned back against the couch.

After a few minutes, I started feeling a bit uneasy as the room began to spin. I tried to stand, but my legs felt like they weighed too much to lift. I tried rubbing my face to shake the feeling off, but my hands too wouldn't obey any of my commands. I felt paralyzed sitting there on the couch next to this stranger. I heard him move closer, then felt his hands roaming around my body, pinching my nipples roughly, forcing a finger in my mouth, stroking my cock and squeezing my balls harshly.

"You'll do just fine" he said, causing fear to course through my body.

Do just fine for what? What was going on? Who is this guy and what does he want with me?

"Don't panic - you're just temporarily paralyzed. You still have all of your senses about you, meaning you'll hear everything I tell you and feel everything I intend to do with you"

With that said, he picked me up off of the couch with little effort and carried me into a bedroom. He quickly stripped off all of my clothes and again felt around my body, squeezing my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and feeling around the outside of my hole. I tried with everything I could to move away, but there was nothing I could do as this random man explored my body as he pleased. He then picked me up again and took me to a bathroom, where he placed me in the tub. He then rubbed some kind of cream all over my body and left the room. After a few minutes I felt a tingling sensation all over, which slowly began to feel like a mild burning feeling. After about 20 minutes I was in complete misery with my whole body feeling like it was on fire when the stranger finally reappeared. He turned on the shower and cleaned off all of the cream, after which I noticed that all of the hair on my body was coming off with this awful cream. Using a towel he dried me off and wiped the rest of the hair from my body, then turned me around to face a mirror. Looking at my reflection, I could tell I was now smooth everywhere below my neck - my cock looked so strange being bare with no hair surrounding it. The stranger then took me back to the bedroom and again sat me down on the bed, rubbing another type of cream all over me. I panicked while thinking about what this cream would be doing to me shortly, but I soon realized that it was just a lotion. It smelled very girly and made my skin feel extremely soft to the touch as he again explored my body roughly with his hands.

Once he was satisfied that the lotion had been rubbed in everywhere, his focus turned to my cock and balls. Mainly, attempting to make them disappear from the feel of it. He pushed with all his might on my balls until they finally receeded inside my groin area, leaving just my cock poking out between my legs. With some kind of tan looking paste, he pulled my cock back behind me and applied a heavy amount of the paste over the top of it. When he was satisfied with the amount of paste applied, he carefully smoothed it over and stepped back. I could feel the concoction hardening between my legs and suddenly it felt like my cock was now trapped inside this casing. Again pulling me up to the mirror I was speechless when I saw what he had done to me. Looking between my legs now you saw no trace of my manhood, just a smooth mound that, at a quick glance, could easily pass as a pussy.

Apparently happy with his progress so far, he brought me over to a table and sat me down in front of a mirror. I watched as he quickly went to the closet and came back with a collection of wigs of all colors. He went through them one by one, roughly moving my head around as he situated them on top of me, then pulling them off in disgust as he tried to find one that would look natural. He finally decided on a shoulder length brunette wig that he pinned in place. After which he moved my head back and force to see if it would move, then made some adjustments and stepped back to admire his work. After a few minutes he began opening the drawers in the table and pulling out boxes that looked like those that would hold makeup. He went to work on my face with some solution that felt very thick. When he stepped out of the way of the mirror I saw that he was applying a thick coat of foundation to my face, making it look very tan and smooth. After giving it a few minutes to dry, he pulled out some very dark blue eye shadow and, forcing my eye closed with his off hand, I felt him applying it to each eyelid. Next I felt him doing something to my eyelashes and then doing something very close to my eyeballs. When he again stepped away I saw that he had apparently applied mascara and thick eyeliner to my eyes, making them look very deep now. I then saw him pull out some red looking powder and apply it to my cheekbones, making them very defined and feminine. Lastly he pulled out a tube of deep red lipstick, applying it to my lips and then adding on top of that a coat of sparkly lip gloss, making my lips look not only three times their size, but also very wet.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

#558 - SissiVibez by Sissy Couture

Really an hot premiere for this Saturday night..
I'm always proud to host great quality videos on my blog..
In this sense, Sissy Couture is one the best producer of the world! ;))
so.. tonight I'm really proud to post her new beautiful creation! ;))
I found this file on a server.. I uploaded it on my channel on megapornvideo..
I hope She don't mind ;)

Anna Malice

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

#557 - Hazel Tucker II

I really appreciate Hazel for her way to be so sexy..
Her erotism is particular.. intense, involving, so feminine!
She is again the protagonist of the hot shemale's video of today

Anna Malice

#556 - Dungeons e Fetish - Machine Gurl

D&F collection of today hosts a sublime clip by TgirlSadie..
so delicate and so hot at the same time..
I'm always fashinated when i discover self made videos like this..
of course, it's a sort of self humiliation practice.. but with something more..
the will to involve you at all.. to be active part of this sexual act..
virtually the will to make love with the viewers! ;)

Anna Malice

Friday, September 23, 2011

#555 - JOI and CEI - Never instructed you before, but you look Ready

Bratty Ivana is so hot and sensual..
she able to conduce you from soft erotism to hot extreme practice of self humiliation!

Anna Malice

#554 - Agata Lopes IV

my favorite shemale of ever: Agata Lopes..
..or the gurl i would like to become.. ;))
a long hot clip of her for the shemale video of today!

Anna Malice

#553 - Dungeons e Fetish - Christine Highs Feminization of male body and feet II

the second half... of Christine Highs video clip!
first was the post #529
As you understood, i was really addicted by her! ;))

Anna Malice

Thursday, September 22, 2011

#552 - Gettin' It In The Azz by Felicia Lightner

Thursday on my site is the day I dedicate to Felicia Lighter
she have one of the hottest hypno blog of the world..
simply because she is one of the rare hypno video producers!
Her taste is always sublime.. and her realises always hot and refined!
her recent creations are truly original.. as It really was like a cinema-show
(not by genesis, of course;)
enjoy my hypno choise of tonight and visit Her blog
kisses ;)

Anna Malice

#551 - Luana Lethuan II

Luana Lethuan (AKA: Luana Lhetuan,Luana Shetian)
another great video of one of more intense shemale actresses!
here my favorite clip of her! ;)

Anna Malice

#550 - Dungeons e Fetish - Tuck tutorial

D&F collection of today hosts a great clip by Diane_mcc (many many thanks)
I found this video really instructive and usefull for me.. as for every sissy!
the hardest thing to learn... now is.. to hide my ovaries.. ;))
anyway i'm sure you'll love this short trip!

Anna Malice

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#549 - Short Affirmations: hypno feminization voyage

a sort of classic.. not really porn, but really hypnotic!
the voice guide here is impressive!

Anna Malice

#548 - Alessandra Leite

Alessandra Leite is a wonderful girl.. hot, fabolous and intense!;)
I found her blog for a case.. it's just on beginning..
but i suppose i'll become an her great fun! ;)

Anna Malice

#547 - Dungeons e Fetish - Japanese honeymoon

I love japanese taste.. in my opinion, it's simply fabolous!
maybe because.. their sissies are so passive and perfectly feminized?! maybe..
maybe because.. every detail is well-groomed and perfect?! maybe..
maybe because.. they are able to penetrate deeply inside my mind and my sissy desires?!? sure!
anyway this clip makes me crazy! ;)

Anna Malice

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#546 - Goddess Adri addiction - by Holly

the beautiful Adrienne Manning.. again here,
by the precious help of Holly (many thanks)!
a pov humiliation really addictive.. for every loser/faggot!
sissification here is a soft indirect refer.. and anyway Adreienne is wonderful! ;)

Anna Malice

#545 - Cassy Cassard

The interesting discovery of today is..
the intense and beautiful Cassy Cassard from Germany!
great music here, i really love everything in this hot clip! ;))

Anna Malice

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