Thursday, September 22, 2011

#552 - Gettin' It In The Azz by Felicia Lightner

Thursday on my site is the day I dedicate to Felicia Lighter
she have one of the hottest hypno blog of the world..
simply because she is one of the rare hypno video producers!
Her taste is always sublime.. and her realises always hot and refined!
her recent creations are truly original.. as It really was like a cinema-show
(not by genesis, of course;)
enjoy my hypno choise of tonight and visit Her blog
kisses ;)

Anna Malice


  1. Hey lovely,

    this one is soo fuckin' hot to me.

    i'd like to see a file in which sissy is covered over and over with cum of several studs, hmmm.
    that'll be soo good for me.


  2. this just makes me want to go listen to good music


  3. Who is this blonde?
    Hot hot hot


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