Thursday, September 22, 2011

#550 - Dungeons e Fetish - Tuck tutorial

D&F collection of today hosts a great clip by Diane_mcc (many many thanks)
I found this video really instructive and usefull for me.. as for every sissy!
the hardest thing to learn... now is.. to hide my ovaries.. ;))
anyway i'm sure you'll love this short trip!

Anna Malice


  1. OMG!!! This is a amazing little dick!!!

  2. Thank you gurl! Her little clit looks just like mine. Very instructive indeed. I´ll try it. I love to tuck and look at myself in the mirror and pretend I´m a real gurl ready to please her man.

  3. I actually discovered a slightly different way that works well for me. I just get a band-aid or two(being hairless really helps with removing painlessly)and push the testes up, then flatten the sac along the uderside of the shaft of the penis. The sides of the sac wrap around, and you should get a hotdog in a bun sort of effect. I pull the penis away from my body to make sure it's stretched which tightens the sac where the testes need holding it. Then I put the band-aid from on side of the sac to the other, going across the gap made where the penis sits in the sac-wrap. If you crouch down your skin stretches and will give a little when you stand up, keeping the band-aid from being uncomfortable. If I do it right I can get away with one, but sometimes two makes things more stable and secure. Then I can pull the penis back and panties(I use a fairly small thong usually)will hold it in. As long as the thong is wide enough at all points I get a nice looking tuck which doesn't look lumpy under the panties. Hope I made that clear enough!


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