Thursday, September 1, 2011

#489 - Sissy cocksucking trainer by Unkown Unknown

Just back from my sabbatical month!
of course I didn't left you alone.. just programming gifs, captions and stories to keep company!
as you suppose.. after a long month.. my tan is really sublime..
and i never been so relaxed and beautiful like now! ;))
on the other hand.. after this long while... I was bored of all this sun and sea.. and in truth I missed you a lot!! ;))
then i'm here again just to entertain you a little bit more..
I was really undecided to continue or not with my blog posting..
reality is that... hypnovideos are always fewer ;((
I don't really want to continue to be under pressure, in full anxiety, for this problem as it was in the last times!
a personal blog must be funny and relaxing.. expecially for the owner! ;)
so I decided for a little compromise!
necessarily, henceforth, frequency of hypno videos will be lower!
I'll produce daily posts.. with hypno stuff.. yes..
but also with pov humiliation videos, hypno gifs or something else similar..
in a sort of melting pot... just to let me survive with less stress than usual!
try to understand and to forgive me for this!

well, a good example of a great gift to me.. is to share your hypnotic creations
"unknown unknown" is a lovely friend.. that created the hypno video of tonight!
At the begining I had some problems to post this file.. really a pity..
but after a lot of work, at end, i was succesful!
It's an original run.. a short, interesting mix of movies and captions.. really great!
I want to send a special kiss to "unknown unknown" (a misterious nickname, isn't it?!?)
telling many thanks for all the efforts.. and for this delicious final result!
enjoy! I'm back!
a big kiss

Anna Malice


  1. Thank you so much for this blog!

    I have spent almost an entire 48 hours fully dressed a playing with myself the way good gurls should; all the while setting up dates to service real men.

    Thanks again, Chrissy

  2. Welcome back. I appreciate all you put on your blog but, please, relax and don't let it be a burden to you. It would be such a shame to have you get burned out and stop presenting all the wonderful things you create and find, so keep it fun for yourself.

  3. This might be my all time favorite. i yearn to sucks cock at this moment!

  4. Love this!

    And a great audio-cocksuckingsissy trainer!

  5. 'unknown unknown'; was it posted by Donald Rumsfeld letting his true nature out...?

  6. I am such a sissy! I woke up this morning and put on a pair of clean panties craving cock! Thanks for the hypno vids! I think they're working...this is what I was to be.


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