Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#507 - Sissy cocksucking trainer by Silly Sissy Sally

I'm so proud to introducing to a new interesing and sweet friend of mine..
Sandy is a confused, conflicted, contradictory sissy.. just like me..
and i love her for this... to make me feel less strange alone!
About this Let me tell you we are never alone.. simply because we are always more!
Anyway Sandy is a little artist.. she have just started with her own blog
The silly sissy
i think she'll be able to become a great blogger and hypno movie maker!
tonight I have the great honour to post her first great try!
it's a wonderful trip.. truly evocative and full of rithm!
great concept and great realise indeed!
enjoy and write your comments here or, better.. on her own site
thanks a lot and big kisses to you, Sandy!

Anna Malice


  1. this was really well done! sally is about to have a new follower - thanks anna!

  2. not my kind of music, but job well done, when muted

    btw, can anyone please give a link to the video of that girl in a pink dress, who was deepthroated my her boyfriend? would really love to see more of her...


  3. Come follow my blog, Anon. That girl is such a great cocksucker and soo cute. I'll post the video I used on my blog soon.

  4. Thanks for the lesson!

  5. Hi,

    i do like the music


  6. That was a fun video. "All true sissies have to know how to suck a cock!" How right she is! The video then proceeds with a montage of hot cock sucking scenes to serve as examples to all you sissies on the proper use of your mouths in servicing cocks. This interspersed with girls dancing made for an entertaining video, great job Silly Sissy Sally! But now lets talk about that song! That was painful. I can't see anyone with the taste beyond that of a 12 year old girl actually being able to listen to that. Maybe I need to spend some more time with some of Anna's bimbotization videos to get that IQ down a few more notches. Then maybe I'll get it. But as for now, I've only got so much air between my ears.-pussyboi

  7. Ummm! This video make me wanna suck cock soooo much. I guess for now I´ll have to have some of my own cum. Yummy!

  8. WOW ! I am blown away by how much I loved that vid. Great excellent work Silly Sissy Sally. I loved the way it was done with the vids & the stills & it was perfect. I also loved the music big time ! Could you tell me the song please ? Or anyone her could tell me the song ?

    I will be following your blog also asap. I hope to be able to have my own blog & make vids half as good as yours & Anna's & Felicia's one day soon.

    Bye Much Love & a Huge THanks from Noel xoxo

  9. Well done Sandy. You should be proud of this first attempt. Sissies together, Rachelxxx

  10. Anna I guess I haven't commented before because I'm sorta shy but That Was Freakin Incredible!!! Lol It pierced right through my sissy soul. I had seen it last night and I liaterally looked through like a hundred videos of yours today just to find it! I appreciate everything you do, keep up the great work!

    Xoxoxxx lol ;) Lots more comments from now on!


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