Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#505 - Dungeons e Fetish - Sissyficated by Mistress

the D&F collection of today hosts a great movie!
Being under the power of a good Mistress.. everything is possibile..
also to become a dirty slut.. ready to recive a lots of cocks! ;)
watch this clip with the best attention..
this is a perfect educational example for every sissy..
and this is what you'll become continuing to watch my videos! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. That the victim doesn't pass as a female, makes it un-erotic for me. Its a really good idea though!

  2. Where do I need to sign?
    I think the idea is very hot. The Mistress is wonderfull. But I would like the sissy with a harder clitty, she is so soft, that she doesnt need chastity. I would prefer her to get a hard one, wich needs to be locked away...until she totally surrenders.
    But very hot video, thx a lot for sharing, Sister!
    Yours, Lola

  3. Love this video, Anna! A sissy's dream (or is it nightmare?) come true, and she can no longer deny the truth--she is now a genuine sissy, a faggot and a whore. Comment on the above critical remark...she can't pass as a female because she isn't a female; she isn't a shemale and she isn't an impersonator--SHE IS A SISSY!, doing what sissies are supposed to be doing. My name is ffluff, Anna, and I've commented on your blog before, and regardless of what you say--You are the best!

  4. Anna, I have to thank you so much. You have found the video of may dream fantasy. I so want to be her, want to be the Mistress' sissy whore. Thanks and kisses

  5. I love this video and all of the sissy clips from this studio. Before your site these where some of my most watched clips. Thanks for giving this sissy a place to find so much HOT stuff.


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