Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#504 - Bull Training

Not an original run toninght, anyway a nice remix of a classic, with something more!
It's not an hypno sissification file, try to read inside the captions..
otherwise also Bulls sometime need to be spurred! ;))

Anna Malice

PS: Just to answer to some massages and emails
this blog is only for fun! in my opinion, sex is always funny and amazing,
but without a little of love is nothing! "All you need is love" ;)
I'm not here to transform you or to hypnotize you.. I'm not evil and I'm not satanic!
If you are too sensitive.. my council is simply to don't surf here! ;)
Otherwise.. If you demand more "addiction, induction" videos.. try a specialized pay site!
If you have doubts to become gay, just because you like these videos..
don't worry, be relaxed.. everyone is a little bisexual! ;)
Remember that gaynes and homosexuality.. are not a virus.. your deep sexual taste not be changed by a video! We are always in a continuing changing.. and you'll become only what you really want to be and to become!
Anyway, have a great day! ;))


  1. Hey Anna--

    Your words are very true! Thanks for the comments and thanks for being you.

    we love you

  2. Hey Anna,
    Your blog is fuckin great, i love this shit, including the newest video. Disregard the haters, keep doing what you do.


  3. I olny can confirm that! Love you Baby, and keep going!
    Yours, Lola

  4. Yeah!!! Give'm hell girl! I can only imagine some of the crazy responses you must get from the small-minded people out there. After all, if they have a problem with your content why did they search out this web site? What were they really looking for? Were they looking for the Playboy web site and somehow got lost? Poor babies! Innocently looking for some good holsum hetero porn only to fall victim to your web of Satanic feminization and sissification! God help them for they are now scarred forever. After all, your name is Malice, maybe that should have been a clue for them if they were too delicate to be exposed to this material. Now good upstanding church going men are prancing around in pink panties and telling themselves "Sucking cock makes me happy!" Oh for shame! With all the violence, poverty, hunger, corruption, and inhumane cruelty -to name just a few of our many wonderful accomplishments- in this world someone is going to have the nerve to look at this web site and accuse you of evil? Now that is truely funny. If they think this is scary and evil they should turn on the news. The one thing there is absolutely no shortage of in this world is stupidity.-pussyboi

  5. Weaponized sex drugs to target intelligensia and local government. Deep pen agents go u r russian spy in le carre novel of small town in Germany.

  6. Hi Anna, I've been to your site countless times now, love your videos, but its having an opposite effect. Now more and more I want to fuck,dominate, and own a little sissy gurl.
    I dont know how I missed this video before but it is perfect. Do you have anymore like it? or know where to get some?
    Thanks gurl


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