Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#506 - Patricia Araujo IV

again.. not so much presentations for the hottest shemale of the world!
enjoy her in the exciting shemale video of day!

Anna Malice


  1. Sassy shemale princess Patricia Aroujo kicks-off this video doing some serious finger sucking(?), shows us her tongue dexterity, and gets her butthole tickled by the cameraman. This is the first 6 minutes. Finally some king size dildos come out and I say "OK, lets see what this gurl can do!" But no! It's not to be. She flops around on the bed for another 5 minutes before she finally gets her sweet dicksucking lips around some cocks. One of which I think was the cameraman's who was probably as bored as I was and decided to get a little for himself. After this and that Halloween thing I think Patricia needs to get herself a new agent.-pussyboi

  2. l'adoro e non sai l'emozione quando sono riuscito ad incontrarla a milano.... non credevo ai miei occhi!!!!


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