Tuesday, May 31, 2011

#238 - Bolero hypno cock by Felicia Lightner

Well, tonight a little of charme, elegance and taste,
simply, a video by Felicia Lightner!
I love Felicia's mind and i love Ravel!
that's all.. enjoy!
kisses from Anna

#237 - Suzana Holmes

In my fantasies I dont really like to be man passive of a shemale,
i make an exception for Suzana Holmes, she has something special indeed..
she is able to totally turn me on, discover the reason ;D
kisses and hugs

#236 - Caption Pictures by Baby Ryan - Digest #05

Digest #05 of the caption pictures collection
today is dedicated to all the Sissy maids!
thanks Anna


#235 - Dungeons e Fetish - Foot fetish Shemale

Kaimi crossdresser/shemale is the hottest protagonist of D&F collection of today.
I find this short clip totally fetish and erotic,
for her dress and for the didlos she wears.
thanks, Anna

Monday, May 30, 2011

#234 - Hypnotic femdom

Hyonotic videos of tonight is quiet an original run.
Video is new, but just recently seen on other sites!
however it's enough effective to trasform you in a faggot cocksucker,
by an evocative incidental voice, by impressive pov really cool!
then.. enjoy my dear! ;D
a big kiss
yours Anna

#233 - Laisa Lins

Laisa Lins, Aka: Layssa Lins, a beautiful gurl indeed!
She is the protagonist of this hot interesting shemale's video of today!

#232 - Caption Pictures by Baby Ryan - Digest #04

the caption pictures collection
today is dedicated to humiliation, feminization and chastity!
thanks Anna


#231 - Dungeons e Fetish - Fisting sissy

D&F today is dedicated to the extreme!
practice of fisting is one the hardest test to become a sissy!
someone told me is really exciting and intense..
sincerely, i dont know.. however it's truly excating to watch
thanks Anna

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#230 - Hypnotic training for limp clitties by W.H.

Sometime reality is more than imagination.
it's a fact, that people of this site are able to go beyond my best expectations.
Today I have the big honour to host another original run made for this blog!
W.H. many many thanks for your wonderful creation!
Theme of limp clitties is a great, interesting idea indeed.

So enjoy this wonderful hypno video and write your opionions,
I think our friend W.H. deserves them!
a big kiss

#229 - Walkiria Drumond - Threesome

Another group sex for the shemale's video of today
Protagonist is Walkiria Drumond,
Aka: Walkyria Drumond,Walquira, Walkyria Capoeira,
a gorgeous blonde tgirl indeed, here with two big black cocks!
kisses Anna

#228 - Caption Pictures by Baby Ryan - Digest #03

daily caption pictures collection is dedicated to total submission,
transformation, hormones and orchiectomy!
kisses Anna


#227 - Dungeons e Fetish - Gloryhole Shemale

one of the more misterious seductive fetish practice is "gloryhole"!
I have just looked for a good video to post, in the last weeks, without results!
the best sensual clips i have found were of gay type only, but i didnt liked this kind!
for the D&F i have just decided to post something not so bad with a shemale as protagonist!
enjoy this long trip, it's a classic (italian?!?) tgirl movie and she is lovely indeed!
yours Anna

Saturday, May 28, 2011

#226 - Being a faggot cocksucker

I found this interesting direct induction,
and, even if there is something strange in this video,
in my opinion, it looks really cool.
follow the instructions, being a faggot cocksucker! ;D

tomorrow. a cool new original run, keep in touch!

#225 - Bruna Prado - Double anal sex

Bruna Prado Aka: Paula Bruna protagonist of the Shamale's collection of today!
a double anal fucking, her gorgeous body.. what's more?!?
thanks for your comments

#224 - Caption Pictures by Baby Ryan - Digest #02

digest number 2, thanks again to Ryan,
captions pictures are made to sissify yourself everyday more.


#223 - Dungeons e Fetish - Japanese ladyboy

Japanese taste for fetish is unique!
so enjoy the D&F choise for today dedicate to japanese ladyboys!
it's long video than relax! ;D

Friday, May 27, 2011

#222 - Anal cocklover trainer

i know, i know.. I mollycoddle you!
another original run?!? a new hypno video never seen before?!?
of course, my dear ;)))
Only the best for the loving users of my blog.
enjoy and write me something, please,
just to make me happy!

PS the new Caption collection today had something wrong, by flickr, than forgive me
now it runs again!
if you have any suggestions to post pics here with a good quality, please tell me!

#221 - Stefanie - Public toilets

i find shemale Stefanie and his boyfriend always so hot!
she is lovely, thiny and defenseless, passive and receptive.
he is my ideal man, strong powerful muscular big and horny,
sometime with a touch of romanticism! ;D
they are the protagonists of the posts #112, #108 and #72
every clip reach of a great erotism.
post #72, the hottest, was deleted after a couple of days, a pity
fortunately i have re-found it, so now you can watch it again here
i love you, Anna

#220 - Caption Pictures by Baby Ryan - Digest #01

by the precious collaboration with Baby Ryan
from today I try to launch a new collection based on caption pictures!
As you imagine, I can't follow this collection directly,
then Ryan's help is truly decisive to this kind of new digest.
For now, it's just an experiment, a trial collection for a short period of five days.
Telling many thanks to Ryan, i hope you enjoy this new idea,
give to me your precious comments!


#219 - Dungeons e Fetish - Blowjob instructions MistressT

D&F collection today hosts a strange interesting caption!
i found this clip totally fetish first for its mood,
words are so dirty, point of view of the camera is so direct and intense!
in my opionin it's truly erotic and interesting.
kisses Anna

Thursday, May 26, 2011

#218 - AnnaMaliceOral by UkArt

today a big suprise to all the users of this blog.
Thinking at this clip only as an original run should be an insult!
I never received a present like this,
an hypno movie espressly dedicated to me or to my job here!
woow i'm touched and maybe i'm crying.. telling to you that this job is superb!
great attention to every detail, a sublime taste for every clip mixed,
a perfect addiction by the short and fast subliminal messagges inserted!
UkArty, you are a Master!
including the own image of this blog into your fabolous job you honoured me,
leaving me also speachless
truly thanks with all my heart!
your devoted Anna

#217 - Kimber James - Lapdance bareback

Kimber and Christian are again the protagonists of our daily Shemale's video!
Kimber has a way to recieving cocks.. she is always so sensual!
kisses Anna

#216 - Dungeons e Fetish - Slave Chastity

i was totaly addicted by this clip,
in a certain way i should really like this use of my clitty!
so the D&F collection today hosts again mistress Starla and her sissy husband!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#215 - Lexi Mistress - Three minutes cum

I have quiet finished the movies to host about Lexi and this is a pity! ;(
however, today, enjoy this three minutes clip (3:34 exactly)
an tell me if you are satisfied or not, at the end.
yours Anna

#214 - Samara de Macedo - getting fucked

protegonist of the shemale's video of today is the hot brasilian Samara!
great interatial sex here, by this lovely blonde and this fabolous bbc!
yours Anna

#213 - Dungeons e Fetish - Transsexual extreme 5

for the D&F digest, today a full movie, just for your eyese only! ;D
interesting situations indeed with lovely Shemales and men Slaves

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

#212 - Cum slut sissy little girl

I'm sure this original run will turn you on until the extacsy!
then enjoy one of the most original and intense hypno video I was able to find!
of course, to write your comments will make me happy!
with all my heart
yours Anna

for BD, your great, fabolous video will be published really soon
it's a great clip indeed, please write me on annamaliceit@yahoo.it
i would like to tell you more, anyway many thanks

#211 - Tayssa Tally Alves - Painful fisting

Tayssa Tally Alves Aka: Thayssa Tallian,Thayssa,
is the protagonist of the shemale's video of today!
it's a really hot video and let me tell you that i would like so much to be that gurl!
with love

#210 - Dungeons and Fetish - the secretary and the boss

D&F collection today hosts a classic fetish scene of submission.
here the protagonist is shemale Celeste, one of the most sensual porn actress,
she also was the protegonist of the post #120 - Shemale Massage, one of my favorite videos!
In this clip she gives another great perform togheter with Chrstian!

Monday, May 23, 2011

#209 - Bimbo hypnosis

tonight a really subliminal hypnotic video
able to alterate your state of mind, conducing to bimboization!
the fast sequence of images hides symbols and flash messages, in my opinion, really effective!
then, what do you want more?!? let you transform your mind! ;D
Anna Malice

#208 - Italian shemale

Shemale's video of today is dedicated to an old movie that it always made me horny!
Scene is a classic, shemale model is sublime, the hard big cock a paradise for my eyes,
what's a blowjob and an hard fucking!
i always really liked intensity of this scene!

#207 - Dungeons e Fetish - Mandy Mitchel, slaves and mistress

daily D&F collection is dedicated to a soft dominance,
a classic fetish scene between two shemales.
I find the detail of the little plug, sublime!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

#206 - Lexi Mistress - Job Interview Sperm

tonight another super lexi lapetina video,
are you looking for a new job?!?

stay tuned i have big surprises for the next days! ;D
with love

#205 - Shakira Maya - Creampie for a blonde

Daily Shemale's video hosts a great perform of a lovely tgirl.
I love blondes! ;D

#204 - Dungeons e Fetish - Nasty catwomen

D&F video of today is totally fetish, including latex elements
and a condition of deep dominance.
i really like the clip situation and mood.
yours Anna

Saturday, May 21, 2011

#203 - Cock Addiction final realise

tonight a big present to you, an original run,
the extended version of cock addiction published on n.167!
that was a short clip, this one reach 4.00 minutes just to conducing you to madness.
prepare to be totally cock addicted forever! ;D
with all my heart

#202 - Lucimara Santos II - Ebony fucker

Lucimara Santos is one of my favorite actress expecially for her intensity,
of course she is beautiful, with a great femininity, but that's not all.
She is able to let you feel the sensation to be a real woman, the passive role!
Enjoy her perform in the shemale's video of today

#201 - Dungeons e Fetish - Red russian sado

woow i found something really special for the video of today,
even if maybe it should be really hard to watch.
First of all i would like to say that I'm not against women,
and absolutely i'm not in favor of infibulation practice,
however D&F collection video of today makes me thing to absence of generes
no male and no female sex, absence of direct genitals pleasure,
the perfect condition for me as the sissy i would like to be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

#200 - I wanna be a shemale

this one.. could be the last post!
becouse to share everyday new hypnotic videos is hard and i can't do it forever for a lot of reasons.
first reason of all: hypnotic videos are really limited and rare.
Arriving at 200th post, i thought to stop me. 200 posts should be just enough, isnt it?! ;D
Now i'm not so sure, maybe i'll continue until the 300th!
however 200,300,400 or 500.. prepare to the end!
In the meanwhile today, enjoy this really subliminal hypnotic animation!
as always, thanks for your comments
with love

#199 - Bailey Jay solo

The great return of the hottest shemale BJ!
Daily Shemale's video is dedicated to her sensual jerkoff, really seductive!

#198 - Dungeons e Fetish - Classic fetish

D&F collection today hosts an real hot fucking fetish.
a sort of classic: a cage, a master, two slaves, latex, blindfold.. and other typical things!
I find the scene really hot, with a beautiful sense of submission!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

#197 - hypno training sissification

cum from anal is my favorite hypnotic order!
it's what i think a sissy must do when she is fucked by her dominant man!
enjoy this big quality hyono trip!
with love

#196 - Tgirl Nataly

For the Shemale's video of today a mexican tgirl: Nataly!
i remember to have seen this clip years ago, found it really hot indeed!
I think i would like to be like this kind of gurl, shapely and intense!

#195 - Dungeons e Fetish - Anal prolapse

I suppose this D&F post, today, is not for all!
Maybe if you are not a real sissy you wouldn't like it,
however i think that for every real sissy a broken ass is goal.
which is the sensation.. to be not able to keep inside your own ass?!?
which is the sensation.. to be totally broken?!?
Discover it by this short clip, with a professionist: Ayla mia!
enjoy if you like it and write me your opinions, otherwise forgive me! ;D
yours Anna

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