Friday, May 13, 2011

#179 - Hypnotic sissy instructions

another orignal run for this blog!
something a little bit different but enough effective by a direct and dominant voice guide!
i think this kind of hypnotic movies is really cool,
than enjoy!

ps strange days, the last, for this site, i hope to read again your comments!
thanks America, i love you too!
kisses Anna


  1. I adore this one - thank you dear.

  2. that was awesome ! I absolutley love it. thanks from Noel.

  3. Don't be surprised when your boyfriends leave you after I take care of them in a way that only a femme sissyboi can. We'll have a contest and see who can extract and swallow the most boycum -bitches!-pussyboi

  4. is that melissa the meanest doing the audio? She's soooo hot

  5. Gosh Annamalice, your clips are transforming me soo fast! I spend all day daydreaming about mighty penises spewing quarts of warm icky semen all over my pretty little sissy face & degrading me so vile that I cummm with them in my pink thongs

  6. Let me swallow....Gurgle gag! There, I said it! weeeee


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Kisses Anna

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