Saturday, May 14, 2011

#182 - Lexi Mistress - the Mirror

maybe one of the last video of Lexi i'll post here, a pity!
I don't know if you like her style or her ability to dominate you!
maybe the most of the sissies, here, dont like this kind of movie.
In any case, you like or dislake, for me she is always really hot,
then forgive me, but she the rare case I fallen in love with a girl,
and this video is one of my absolutely favorite of her!


  1. Wow, a very nasty, hot Mistress! Why ypu stop posting her vids, if you are in love with her? It´s your blog, keep going Darling! Have all a nice sunday! Kisses, Lola

  2. Anna I love Lexi also. & I agree with the above comment from Lola. PLease keep posting vids of her also. Thanks & take care love, Noel

  3. PLEASE keep posting vids of Lexi, she is smoking hot and I do enjoy them, and if any1 doesn't like them, they dont have to watch them.

    thanks for all your posts

  4. I cant get enough of lexi if people dont like they dont have to watch, more Lexi!


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