Tuesday, May 17, 2011

#190 - Chastity Sandy

Shemale's video of today is dedicated to one of the hottest fucking i have ever seen
with Chastity Sandy in a great perform!
for me, as a shemale video, it's really a classic!

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  1. WOW! I am sooo jealous!

    She is beautiful! Such a pretty, girly face! What a wonderfully round tiny 'teenage' ass! Heels and Lace! Such a submissive cockslut!

    Ass eating, cocksucking, fuckslut who catches cum! I want to be her soo baddd!!!

    She bends over and begs Daddy to fuck her! She gets on her back for her Daddy to ream her pussy! I love the way her cunt hangs open for his cock! So smooth and feminine! Hungry for FUCK!

    I wonder if her cunt clenches his prick like mine does? Does she have ass/body cums like me? He would've pounded me through many cums by the looks of it!

    Ohhhh.... to dream....

    Dick Wadd


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