Thursday, May 26, 2011

#218 - AnnaMaliceOral by UkArt

today a big suprise to all the users of this blog.
Thinking at this clip only as an original run should be an insult!
I never received a present like this,
an hypno movie espressly dedicated to me or to my job here!
woow i'm touched and maybe i'm crying.. telling to you that this job is superb!
great attention to every detail, a sublime taste for every clip mixed,
a perfect addiction by the short and fast subliminal messagges inserted!
UkArty, you are a Master!
including the own image of this blog into your fabolous job you honoured me,
leaving me also speachless
truly thanks with all my heart!
your devoted Anna


  1. Oh Wow, this is soooo sexy! Thank you very much for creating that UKArty. Especially the wonderfull BBC got my full attention.
    You have done a fantastic job, and nobody, desrves such a present more then Anna!!!
    Anna, thank you for all your work and time, and for taking 100 posts more!
    I love you! Kisses, Yours Lola

  2. That was soooo hawt!! I found muself licking my lips all the way through. Thank you for sharing! xoxox

  3. VERY HOT!
    OMG! The size of those beautiful cocks got me sooo hard in just seconds!

    i stopped by just to check the updates hon before starting my day - and now i'm stuck once again -- AND LOVING IT!

    GREAT hypno vid! Kudos to UKArty!

    Dick Wadd

  4. I could watch that for days!!!!

  5. beautiful this video hypno
    please do one version in Italian

  6. will think of u every time i watch . giggle . xxx


  7. i love so much can you send it to my e-mail please my e-mail is

  8. Really lovely video. The cock sucking scenes were really sensual. Watching these girls display their skills made my mouth water.Licking the head, working your mouth down the shaft as you slowly deep throat that delicious meat, and the cum right at the camara lens-very yummy!-pussyboi

  9. Anna all I can say is the ones you put together are far better than any of the others I have seen.

    You have a great talent in this area . Have you been to school for this type of work.

    Love Ya


  10. sorry to be a lurker here but i do want to tell you how much i love your site since finding it alli can think of is cock


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