Monday, May 2, 2011

#146 - Lexi Mistress - I'll kick your balls

I miss Lexi, so forgive me, i can live without her!
erotic, sublime, ruthless, she is simply gorgeous!
her way to make you obey is always so effective!
enjoy with me her jerk off instructions!
kisses Anna


  1. check out what we can all become :)

  2. Absoloutely cool!
    many thanks

  3. oooh mama! Lexi Mistress is great and ruthlesss!

  4. Ridiculous, ive watched all these videos about cei and sissification. Now you ignorant porn ho's are trying to turn men gay? Just cause youre lesbian? Stupidity and i hope someone sues your slutty lil asses someday. Really entertaining all the insults as you try to pull this off without getting nude cause your body has out aged your career. Id tie you to a chain and hook you on the back of my truck and drag you through open public before id ever down a glass of jizz for you or any other mind warped dyke.

  5. I unfortunately got to this vid to late so the link for the hottest 19yr old shemale link was taken down by the user. However that Lexi vid was so outragesoluy hott from her outfit to just her & they way I have to obey her. She is so sexxy. Thanks a million Anna - Noel :D


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