Sunday, May 1, 2011

#143 - Who is your daddy?

Another original run on this blog,
an interesting mix of different movies with hypnotic orders!
final result, by an appropriate incidental music, is truly effective!
enjoy and please give me your feedbacks!
kisses Anna


  1. Thanks for everything that you do!

  2. Hello Anonymous, thanks to you to support me!
    i love you like it!

  3. wow thanks for posting this hun it is so addictive mmmmmm i love it

  4. Worship black cock! Hell, YES! Thank you Anna, very sexy vid! Kisses, Lola

  5. @Anna:
    I would love to receive a mail from you, sister! Kisses, Lola

  6. i love this one - its greeeaaatt!!

  7. i am sooo in love with your blog... all those cute and hunky, sweet and yummy men... and their big, hard cocks that make my mouth water... mmmm...

  8. Samantha, Lola, Miss MT (you are lovely), Felicia Anne..
    really many thanks
    a special kisse to you!

  9. Hot video with an excellent message! ;-)

  10. Great....I dream of cock and sperm!!!

  11. Oh sexy angel - you just took my cum from my big sissy prick, and gave it back.

    Here I sit now, hard as a rock, my prick needing to spurt - AGAIN!

    You see, I was watching this, listening on headphones stroking, edging. You are taking my day away from me again. Addicting me to your vids.

    I couldn't take the need, the itch, anymore. I reached for my glass Daddy and slid him home - filling my pussy. Tickling my insides so nice. relieving me of my itch.

    I pound my chair, my lover, my Daddy. Feel him deep inside, then pulling my ring open, the ridges are so nice. Watching your whores take cock. Love cock. I love cock too. I want to be those bitches. I can love dick too. 'Whose your Daddy?' ringing in my ears.

    Fuck me Daddy. Take my hole Daddy. I'm yours to FUCK Daddy.

    Then, I loose it. I feel the throbs - oh nooo... I wanted to wait....
    I let go, then qweeze the base - hard.
    Ahhhh! Just quick enough! YES!
    I watch as two sizable loads spurt - slowly - out of my cock-eye, to rest perfectly on the tip of my still hard prick. Like a delicious topping to my cockhead sundae.
    And I'm still hard, and horny. My ruined cum has delivered my desert - my reward for warping my mind.
    I'm breathing hard - I look up - just a flash - whore on the cock, on a toilet 'cumdumpster' - and thats what I am.
    Use me Daddy. Make me your cumdumpster.
    and in a flash, my mouth is full if my own load. I can taste my nut. It's my Daddy's cum. I eat cum. I taste cum on my tounge.
    Oh FUCK - I'm rock hard, need to spurt again.
    good - I wanna go another day of two. Maybe I can get another small treat.

    Thanks luv - never stop.
    Dick Wadd

  12. Oh my god... FANTASTIC I can't stop watching it..well long enough to type this :)

    Thnank you for your wonderful blog.

    SissyPansyFag on Yahoo

  13. i love so much can you send it to my e-mail please my e-mail is

  14. anna,
    i luv u. in just 6 months i went from bicurious to a 100% shemale sissy slut!; from your blog.i can't believe how much cock i sucked and fucked!after only 3 months of hormones. i absolutely feel gorgeous and slutty.i have such a limp clitty already with a small sack and luv total body anal orgasms.please don't ever stop your blog. luv,Stacy


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