Saturday, May 28, 2011

#225 - Bruna Prado - Double anal sex

Bruna Prado Aka: Paula Bruna protagonist of the Shamale's collection of today!
a double anal fucking, her gorgeous body.. what's more?!?
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  1. wow i can see why she has a smike on her face after them two hunks gave her such a good seeing to, mmmmm i woukld love them to have a go on me , i am so wet at the thought

  2. Here i sit /squat with Daddy inside me - filling me.

    Watching this beautiful sissy slut get used and abused. Those two HUGE COCKS use her fuckhole like a toy. she lies there and takes it, like a good cumdump. she makes one guy cum in his bag, and the other cum twice! SHit she evens blows a nice load while riding, showing she's a huge cock whore slut!

    Thank You
    Dick Wadd


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