Monday, May 23, 2011

#209 - Bimbo hypnosis

tonight a really subliminal hypnotic video
able to alterate your state of mind, conducing to bimboization!
the fast sequence of images hides symbols and flash messages, in my opinion, really effective!
then, what do you want more?!? let you transform your mind! ;D
Anna Malice


  1. While I enjoy this kind of fast-paced (subliminal) sequence of video clips, I don't find that they have any effect on my. My preference is for more slow-paced clips, where I can fully appreciate and savor the images and the captions. Does anyone have any experiences with the effects of these subliminal videos?

  2. I could not find a single suliminal message in this clip. But I totally like it. I wonder if knee high boots will fit me a guy. I totally like boots

    thank you

    xxx martin

  3. I enjoyed that very much it made me very happy & horny too. I wanted to get up & dance to the music too. I enjoyed it. thanks soo much from Noel.

  4. I can confirm that there aren't any subliminal massages video-wise, but I have a strong suspicion that they are in the audio.
    Maybe someone can confirm that?
    Massages in the audio are very hard to spot, sometimes...

  5. I also like slow-paced clips. My Queen, could You please upload hq vids somewhere also ? Im begging You

  6. Thank you very much for this vid - I love it!!! I'd like to see more of this stuff.


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