Saturday, March 31, 2012

#1104 - Sissy cum trainer vol2 by Scom

well, for tonight i have a big surprise..
thanks to JL.. we have restored one of the best hypno clip I have ever hosted..
as you know.. Sissy cum trainer vol2, originally posted on number #747,
was lost after the stop to megaporn! ;((
it's a great clip becouse by Scom we recived only wonderful great long videos..
and this is one of his best.. sublime addiction for every sissy fag!.. ;))
so a big big thanks to JL that is helping me re-uploading this fantastic masterpiece..
contributions of JL and Sissy-Jane, in the last times..
are really so precious to help me to survive.. i'm touched! thanks again ;))

Anna Malice

#1103 - Juliana Di Primo

Juliana Di Primo (AKA: Juliana Primo,Miss Juli,Miss Guily,Miss July,Juliana)
never had the possibility to post her clip before..
and it's a pity because she is one of the hottest..
the shemale's clip of today is dedicated to her..
in the most recent part of her career of shemale actress.. italian phase!
enjoy her beauty! ;))

Anna Malice

#1102 - Dungeons and Fetish - What is Your Way ?

a D&F video really original, today
something close to be hypnotic or interactive..
but totally hot to describe.. how many way you have to be a sissy..
of course, all full humiliated!.. ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, March 30, 2012

#1101 - Inception by Annamalice

Restored clip number #383.. Inception..
modestly, one of my best production..
so thanks to sissy-jane.. able to help me in this so strong way..
uploading all these lost videos posted before on megaporn!!
well, Queen of hypno is not dead..
so.. long live the Queen!! ;))

Anna Malice

#1100 - Fernanda Mineira II

Another Fernanda for the shemale's clip of today..
this time is the most famous Fernanda Mineira (AKA: Rogeria)
well, it's another classic of shemale fucked porn..
beautiful sublime blonde actress.. wondeful black cock..
the rest is in your ability of empathize.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1099 - Dungeons and Fetish - Marlana Singleton sissy blowjob

i want to dedicate the post of this D&F collection of today..
to Marlana Singleton... i admire her at all.. she is a real sissy.. as i would like to be..
and this is the right attestation of my devotion.. as she is devoted to cock in this clip
short video.. that wants to be a real spot to her beautiful blog!
The(S)heplacements is one of my favorite site!
a big kiss from..

Anna Malice

Thursday, March 29, 2012

#1098 - Cute Little Dick by Felicia Lightner

Our weekly appointment with Felicia Lighter is just re-started..
and i'm really happy to have posted this mini-serie of new clips..
to show her new works is a sort of moral obligation for me.. because everyone deserve great attention..
Felicia has always a great ability to centre the point.. her clips are never banal..
tonight a wonderful hypnotic idea about sissy clits..
this kind of matter is so rare and then.. really precious..
a pity the bad quality of the clip i have uploaded, so forgive me for this..
of course if you have time a visit to Felicia's blog! is never bad time spent

Anna Malice

#1097 - Fernanda Barros

Fernanda Barros (AKA: Fernando Beatriz, Fernandinha)
a new entry really really hot for the shemale's video of today!
Latex and wig.. give on this clip a really interesting touch of fetish..
anyway.. a part from.. video and model are simply superb! ;))

Anna Malice

#1096 - Dungeons and Fetish - 3 Tasks for the Sissy

Really interesting clip for the D&F collection of today..
discover the three sissy daily tasks of this devoted slave..
everything fetish.. everything with a sense of deep submission..
this is what a real Master could ask you to do..
on cam.. or better.. in the reality! ;))

Anna Malice

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#1095 - Detailed masturbation and cum eating instruction

Well, another beautiful and interesting clip.. of CEI..
but tonight with a so innocent and innocuous modalities..
and i think these are the most dangerous situations..
i mean.. something that you undervalue..
they are able to make you do so dirty gay things.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1094 - Eduarda Guimaraes IV

One of my favorite.. Eduarda Guimaraes!!
i'm not able to explain how much i find her beautiful..
she is a miracle of feminility.. wonderful hot in every part of her body..
superb erotic intensity in every moment of porn i have seen of her!

Anna Malice

#1093 - Dungeons and Fetish - Epic cumshots

Desire of cumshots.. hot, impressive, delicious cumshots..
today, i would like to share this deep desire with you..
posting this incredible sequence of cocks exploding on surprised faces..
and this is my epic hot choise.. for the D&F collection of today! ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#1092 - Sissy Mantra by Sissy Couture

Restoration of a super classic.. the "Sissy Mantra"..
just posted at the early time of this site.. number #15..
one of the most popular and beloved clips by "The Divine".. Sissy Couture!!
sublime delight in every frame.. music, rythm, intensity, hot shemale porn..
all to make you understand how you are close to be a woman..
because it's all inside you!! A so strong potential.. that wait to be freed!!
Become the fag you have ever dreamed.. ;))

Anna Malice

ps. super thanks to Sissy-Jane to have re-uploaded this beutiful masterpiece!
as i said i love you!! ;))

#1091 - Natasha Rusthy II

Sublime Natasha Rusthy (AKA: Natasha Rusty)
again great protagonist of the shemale's video of today!
superb feminine tgirl.. with a lot of class.. and beautiful curves everywhere..
second fantastic hot clip with her.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1090 - Dungeons and Fetish - want to be my client?

Beautiful amateur clip for the D&F collection of today..
with great ability... fiction looks reality..
and you can wear this sissy clothes.. just to imagine to be a street whore..
i bet.. you have always imagined to be a bitch like that..
so come on sissies.. make your hot fantasies become true.. ;))

Anna Malice

Monday, March 26, 2012

#1089 - Syrens of fags

Like the syrens of ulysses..
the echoes of enchanting creatures.. are here to call you..
they want to eat a part of you..
they crave for your male attributes.. to transform you.. in a perfect sissy fag!!
so, listen their voices.. let you hypnotize by their appeals.. full dazing shine..
syrens of fags.. are waiting for your total submission..
just to turn you.. into a gelded sissy queen!

Anna Malice

ps. remake of a classic.. original already posted in the past (i don't remember where).. anyway, with something different cool! ;))

#1088 - Yris Schimit II

Yris Schimit (AKA: Yris Schmidt,Yris Robinho,Iris)
fabulous one.. and fabulous clip indeed.. for the shemale's video of today..
she is so cute and hot sensual..
incredible hot fucking video in which she dance also..
clip starts without audio.. but it's only for few minutes.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1087 - Dungeons and Fetish - Blow Job by Chloe Anatomik

From really a lot of time.. i would liked to post a Chloe's video..
in my opinion she is incredible hot.. for a lot of reasons..
her videos are really so outstanding (for quality and concept)..
that i always thought to manage them as the perfect base.. to create a good hypno clip!
anyway, today i want to share her ability and beauty.. posting a wonderful one..
with great incidental music, rythm and hot intensity..
a wonderful blow job session.. perfect for our daily D&F collection..
enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice

Sunday, March 25, 2012

#1086 - Ass Fucking Instructions

Busty Josie AKA Cruel Chloe
another wonderful sissy fag video.. in which she becomes your lovely teacher! ;))
an ass fucking instructon is so rare.. as the Josie/Chloe videos are..
as i usually said.. "follow her sublime instruction.. become a sissy fag!"

Anna Malice

#1085 - Kananda Hickman

Kananda Hickman (AKA: Kananda Hickmann)
a really beautiful blond.. for the shemale's clip of today..
soft and tiny shemale clit.. wonderful curves..
all seems to be so natural and feminine..
beautiful hot clip.. with nice atmospheres..

Anna Malice

#1084 - Sissy Story 33 - Hotel Cumslut

For this first spring sunday.. i would liked to give a touch of reality..
to this weekly collection of sissy tales..
posting a true story of a really beautiful gurl.. Allysin
i'm sure you'll love this tale.. more than normal..
discovering a real face.. at the end of your reading..
you can find sissy Allysin on her channel on xtube.. looking for: dirtycumsluts
now enjoy the sissy story number 33! ;)

Anna Malice

Hotel Cumslut

I had been posting on Craigslist for 3 days, and had over 700 replies (usually about 1 out of 10 actually show up). I added each response to my email contacts, and left for my hotel. I checked in around 6, ate 6 yellow xanax bars, showered, and did my makeup and hair. Then I logged into Hotmail, and wrote a mass e-mail to all the contacts I had collected from Craigslist.

Here is the email :

Re: Dirty Slut just wants to be Used (*tonight* 02/14/2012)

Hi :) This is Allysin, you responded to my craigslist post. I'm 26 years old, cute, slutty,dressed like a Whore, and staying at the Courtyard Marriott beside the airport. I just want to be r**ed, used, smacked, choked and filled with Cum from strangers. I'm really looking for big cocks (especially BBC), but really don't care who uses me.
There is no need e-mailing me back, I'll be busy and fucked up all night, so if you want to come over and give me some cum I'm in room #117. There is nothing i*****l about this, I'm free (but you want to tip me I LOVE xanax & adderall). There will be a large Hello Kitty cling on my door, and it will be proped open.

(9:23 p.m.)
I put my USB stick in the back on the plasma T.V., and selected "Play all" (12 Gb's of Compilations and Slut Training Videos that I use to Poison my Mind while I'm being used). I turned off the lights so that the XXX on the screen lit the room, and crawled on the bed. I reached over to the nightstand and took 6 more bars out of the bottle, popped 3 of them in my mouth and the other 3 in my asshole. I chased the melting pills in my mouth with gatorade zero as I sent a mass text to the guys that I let fuck me regularly. As I sent the last text I could feel the pills kicking in, and the porn on the screen became hypnotic. My pussy was tickling and burning as my body started to fiend to be used. I mounted my big pink dildo, and dropped myself on it! Pain shot through my body as the toy slammed into my pussy. The porn on the screen started to get blurry as tears formed in my eyes, but I could still hear the girls screaming and moaning. Without thinking I started sucking my thumb, which made me grind the toy deeper and harder into my body.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

#1083 - Suck Cock

For our hypnotic saturday night appointment..
i'm glad to post another wonderful evocative video..
sublime and intense clip.. with a really hot beautiful images..
and with persuasive captions..
well.. in truth.. it's an univocal message, only.. repetitive and so effective..
SUCK COCK!! and that's enough.. ;))

Anna Malice

#1082 - Oye Red III

Oye Red (AKA: Iya, Four, Aoi)
the returning of one of the most delicious tranny of the world..
delicate and elegant.. hot and passionate..
a little bit of Bianca Freire.. a little bit of Sapphire..
in a world.. simply the perfection..

#1081 - Dungeons and Fetish - Maid enslaved

well, for the daily D&F collection a a pill of delicous soft/hard core..
with this sublime asian fetish clip..
the way to be submissive.. in an asian ladyboy is unique..
sense of slavery is innate.. taste for details and precious pov is simply fantastic.
i really love the way to make a blowjob.. by this sensual tranny..
innocence and perdition are both present.. and fantastic!!
fabolous orgasm.. as only a real femme could.. ;))

Anna Malice

Friday, March 23, 2012

#1080 - Dont you want to taste?

Sublime and arousing CEI video tonight.. with a lovely Mistress indeed!
In truth.. i never seen a so detailed cum eating instruction clip.. like this..
step by step.. with kindly orders.. instruction become docile and sweet
so sweet to induce you to make so dirty gay things..
and you know.. you love cum taste more of everything.. isn't it?!?

Anna Malice

#1079 - Ghia Christiansen

Hot super classic actress.. for the shemale's video of today..
Ghia Christiansen.. how many orgasm i have made with her.. in my youth.. a lot! ;))
and by this clip.. of course.. a classic porn movie, indeed..
full long video.. with hot fucking scenes.. and with her small delicious clitty!

Anna Malice

#1078 - Dungeons and Fetish - Double fisting

Another beautfiul clip.. with a sissy as protagonist..
D&F collection of today hosts.. a double fisting practice..
in which.. you can admire how much your anal pussy could be enlarged..
opened as well as a really pussy could..
everything just to remember to you.. that a real master.. probably will ask you the same..
because to be fisted is the best evidence of submission.. you could offer to your lord..

Anna Malice

Thursday, March 22, 2012

#1077 - Only Girls by Felicia Lightner

Returns our thursday appointment with Felicia.. and with much pleasure..
this time.. with an interesting video.. that mixed togheter..
good taste and a refined subliminal tecnique..
messages are simply and repetitive.. with short interferences..
but truly direct and convincing..
love this kind of hypno video.. not so much hard.. apparently..
but truly effective on our sissy psyche..
so much congratulation for this good job.. to my dear friend Felicia..
enjoy this lovely hypnotic video.. and visit her beautiful site!

Anna Malice

#1076 - Gabriella Silva

Gabriella Silva, amazing new discover..
protagonist of the sublime shemale video of today!
sensual dancing.. beautiful moments of hard bfucking..
a great super actress.. for a wonderful super video..

Anna Malice

#1075 - Dungeons and Fetish - Sissy anal creampie

as you know.. i really love amateur videos..
so i always addicted by this kind of clips.. showing us.. how beautiful is to be a sissy..
so for the D&F collection of today.. i chosen an interesting fucking.. with a beautiful dedicated gurl..
creampie.. of course.. is always the perfect final for this lovely moments.. ;))

Anna Malice

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#1074 - Sissy Boy Humiliation You Are No Longer a Man

well, tonight we have a new interesting entertainer..
a mistress that i'm sure you'll not forget..
you'll learn to belong to her.. and to obey to all her orders..
she is so convincing... and she brainwashes your sissy mind!
you are no longer a man! ;))

Anna Malice

#1073 - Paula Melo

Paula Melo, sublime new discover.. for this shemale's clip of today..
perfect body, really natural and feminine.. beautiful eyes..
great way to give intensity to her interpretation..
in a great quality video.. with hot sensations..

Anna Malice

#1072 - Dungeons and Fetish - Sissy first cock

Amazing first time cock tasting.. for the D&F collection of today..
it's a full long movie.. in which you can appreciate..
all the intensity of an initiation.. an initiation to cock.. of ocurse! ;))
with the help of a lovely mistress.. you could fantasize to be this sissy..
and to taste how is sweet to lose your virginity..
movie is divided in 3 parts.. and 3 clips.. a long trip for a long fun.. ;))

Anna Malice

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#1071 - Sissy Addiction by Sissy Couture

well, always from a suggestion of Sara.. (again many thanks)..
another masterpiece by Sissy Couture.. is restored!
originally posted on number #19..
"Sissy Addiction" has the essence of elegance and rythm..
wonderful in every datail.. with a great creation ability indeed..
a super classic of hypnotic feminization that you can't miss! ;))

Anna Malice

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

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