Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#1053 - Fuck my face by UnnamedHero

From another new great video maker.. UnnamedHero (good friend of mine)..
a wonderful clip about forced face fucking..
in which choise to not insert captions is not a case..
using the nice explicit lyrics.. of this wonderful song in background..
induction to be used by monster, fantastic cocks seems to become really natural..
as me.. i'm sure you'll love this incredible mix of wonderful horny scenes!
a big kiss and many thanks, again.. to UnnamedHero.. my new hero! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. I agree with the comment above me. whoah. that was a great video. I knew it was going to be hottt by the preview clip but wow. I never heard that song before but its great. Thank you UnnamedHero for making vids like this that other people cant (Like me - well not yet) or wont make. I understand how much work you put into it so huge thanks. I dunno what else to really say. Thak you Anna & thank you again UnnamedHero.

    From noel xoxo

  2. All there is to say is Thank you.


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