Thursday, March 29, 2012

#1098 - Cute Little Dick by Felicia Lightner

Our weekly appointment with Felicia Lighter is just re-started..
and i'm really happy to have posted this mini-serie of new clips..
to show her new works is a sort of moral obligation for me.. because everyone deserve great attention..
Felicia has always a great ability to centre the point.. her clips are never banal..
tonight a wonderful hypnotic idea about sissy clits..
this kind of matter is so rare and then.. really precious..
a pity the bad quality of the clip i have uploaded, so forgive me for this..
of course if you have time a visit to Felicia's blog! is never bad time spent

Anna Malice


  1. a so wonderful clip - i can hear my lttle dicky
    poppin' around

    does anybody know something about the music playing in this clip?
    i'd like to hear more of that sound

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thank you, Liane. I often put credits at the end so you'll know where the music comes from. It's Candy Dulfer's "Power To The people".


  2. God I want a young little sissy girl like that to pump full of cum with my big daddy cock every day!


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