Thursday, March 15, 2012

#1056 - Two On One by Felicia Lightner

well, maybe it was the past century..
i mean, the last post dedicated to Felicia Lightner..
after the megaporn tzunami.. my site lost a lot of videos also by her..
I confess you.. I have a particular kind of pleasure to host her clips..
i always feel a special affinity with her taste and mind..
so it's a big pleasure to re-start to post something of her precious creations..
enjoy this lovely hypnotic video.. and visit her beautiful site!

Anna Malice


  1. I remember Felicia posting an announcement ahead of time that she would be posting a video called "Two on One." I was so excited! And then it exceeded all expectations! I'll never think of this Tom Petty song the same, either. Thanks for reposting this, Anna, and thank you again, Felicia! xoxo

  2. Cool vid by Felicia. I feel so bad I haven't been to her site in what seems like ages. She never fails to disapoint. Great Work Felicia. It's much appreciated all of your time & effort. Much love to you for makng it. Thanks to you both Anna & Felicia from Noel xoxo - Hugs & Kisses


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