Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#1092 - Sissy Mantra by Sissy Couture

Restoration of a super classic.. the "Sissy Mantra"..
just posted at the early time of this site.. number #15..
one of the most popular and beloved clips by "The Divine".. Sissy Couture!!
sublime delight in every frame.. music, rythm, intensity, hot shemale porn..
all to make you understand how you are close to be a woman..
because it's all inside you!! A so strong potential.. that wait to be freed!!
Become the fag you have ever dreamed.. ;))

Anna Malice

ps. super thanks to Sissy-Jane to have re-uploaded this beutiful masterpiece!
as i said i love you!! ;))


  1. this is my favorite of all time!

  2. this is my favorite of all time!

  3. Must...change...crave...COCK! Thank you thank you thank you, Anna! xoxo

  4. Ok I admit it, that is really amazing. Thank you!

  5. I never saw that one of hers before. Which reminds me I need to thank her personally since I am having some computer time again to myself. I just cannot describe in words how superb that video was. THat somg 100% describes me. Is that a bad thing ? ;) THanks Anna & the person that helped re up it - sorry I forget your name & sissy couture too of course - MUCH LOVE & THANKS - NOEL xoxoxoxo


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