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#1021 - Sissy Story 30 - Transformed into.. Chapter 4 by G.A. - SlickG

Chapter number four of the beautiful SlickG saga..
I hope this not really the end or to read other fantastic tales like this! ;))
transformation into a gay cock whore, here, continues and i think is definitely completed!
the four part of this wonderful story was titled.. "The Frat Party"
the past chapters were posted on number #895 the first, #937 the second, #979 the third! ;)
SlickG G.A. i love your way to write and to be.. you have a sublime erotic imagination.. ;))
take a look to G.A. - SlickG new site: Cuckold Desires
enjoy the sissy story number 30! ;)

Anna Malice

The Frat Party

The drive home took about 2 hours when it should only have taken 15 minutes. My arousal levels were so high after sucking all those cocks and being humiliated like a whore I kept pulling over to masturbate. The whole experience was on a whole other level from just pleasing Tom.

"Afternoon, slave boy" Tom said cooly as he opened my office door. He always called me humiliating names when we walk past each other at work, part of me was worried people would hear, but the other part didn't care, my sluttier part. This was the first time he had actually walked into my office since the day I did some training in the booths. A whole week had passed and I had been emailing him several times, desperate for more training, more orders, but most of all to worship my master and his beautiful penis. All I received in return was a short document outlining 'slave etiquette': how I should behave around my master, how I am not allowed to masturbate at home, my orgasms were completely his control.

From the etiquette document I knew what to do, so I sank to my knees and looked at the ground in front of him, I was not to greet him nor respond unless explicitly told to. My view was simply of Toms polished shoes.

"Good, I see you've read my etiquette rules properly" he said. I was not to respond, it was a statement, not a question. "I trust you have not touched yourself over the past week?".

"No sir, my sissy orgasms are at your command" I replied, subservient.

"Bah, even your voice disgusts me, this should shut you up, close your eyes and open your mouth slave".

I heard some rustling, and then an unzipping, my heart began to race and my cock sprang to attention. I was about to taste that perfect cock once again! I sat there awaiting the touch of his big soft head.....

I felt hands around the back of my head and my mouth became full, but it was not full of Toms cock, it was a ball-gag! He kicked me firmly in the chest and I fell back onto my back, reeling in pain.

"Did you not understand my instruction last week you little bitch?! I specifically told you that you weren't allowed to cum, nor spill any other cum onto the floor. I am disappointed in you".

"Mmph" I tried to plead and beg for His forgiveness but my mouth was full with the ball-gag. I returned to my knees and resumed my etiquette, eyes to the ground.

"Tonight, you will head to the College to a Frat party, your services are required. Knock on the door, tell them your name is 'sissy bitch', then you will do exactly what they tell you to do, for the whole night".

"The whole night??" I thought to myself, again both nervous and excited, I quickly regained my composure and remembered the 'etiquette' paragraph entitled 'ball-gag'. I lowered my lips and kissed the tip of his shoe.

Before I could look up the office door opened, closed and he was gone. I kept the ball-gag in my mouth for 30mins as required and then hurried from work...

...I could hear the music coming from the house before I could even see it, my heart pounded in my chest, this would be completely different to the booth on the adult store, that was anonymous. Tonight I could be seen by anybody, my boss even had a daughter at this college, what would happen if he found out?

I approached the door and took some deep breaths, determined not to let My master down again. Before my knuckles hit the wood the door opened;

"Who the fuck are you?" asked a girl, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes and a very short dress, the typical slutty-barbie type.

"My name is sissy bitch" I responded, my stomach fluttered as I said those words aloud to another person.

"Sissy bitch" haha! I thought you looked like a bitch when I saw you, should've guessed!" she passed me a cardboard box, "put these on and knock again". The door slammed in my face and the music faded. I opened the box to see a pair of black, lacy underwear, some long black frilly socks and a bowtie. My cock hardened at the sight of them, this was going to be a humiliating night!

I quickly undressed and put on my new outfit, my cock began to bulge very noticeably against the material of the frilly underwear as I hoped that no-one would see me outside like this. A strange feeling really considering there was more people in the house than in the street. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door again, the same girl answered.

“Who the fuck are you, dressed like a whore?”

“My name is sissy bitch.” Without speaking she dangled a leash from her wrist and despite my new love for worshipping cock, I was getting turned on by this sexy woman being so dominant. I was a submissive to anyone who was dominant. She fastened the collar around my neck whilst staring into my eyes with a mixture of disgust and dominance. My eyes naturally fell to her feet, where my eyes should be.

"Follow me, sissy bitch." She laughed and lead me into the large hallway of the house, it was more of a mansion than a house, a very well-off frat-house indeed. Whilst keeping my head lowered my eyes flickered around the room, music was playing loudly from the speakers and I saw 5 or 6 people in the hallway, preparing what looked like to be a massive bowl of punch with serious amounts of vodka, cups were stacked and huge fridges lined the walls. This was going to be a large party.

"Haha, take a look at that loser!" I heard a female voice say, giggling with amusement.

"They weren't lying when they said there would be a slave at the party!! Came the reply.

More people pointed and laughed as I was paraded through the main living room which was at least 6 times the size of mine at home. Beer pong tables were set out and people were gathered around them, cheering at somebodies throw. Meanwhile I was continuously laughed at and people were shouting to me from across the room:

"I can't wait to humiliate this loser."

"What a sissy, look at his cock, he loves being a slave."

"Make him crawl!"

"Yeah, make him crawl!"

The girl holding my leash turned to face me and stared once again into my eyes.

"You heard them sissy bitch, get on your knees. Tonight you are a slave to everyone here and you will do exactly as you are told." I dropped to my knees and continues to crawl behind on all fours which brought raucous laughter from everyone. There must have been 20 people in that room alone.

"And one more thing, you will address every man as 'Sir', and everyone woman as 'Princess'."

Her smile spread across her cheeks as he lead me up the stairs and into a smaller room, my eyes fixed on the heel of her shoes. This room was decorated very expensively with large oak furniture, glass drinks cabinets and a huge projector screen. 2 men and 2 women sat at the sofa and ignored me completely, they looked a bit older than the crowd downstairs, closer to 30 than 20 and had an aura about them which suggested that they were the ones 'in charge' and much more relaxed.

"Leave the bitch with us." Said one of the men to the girl with my leash, she left immediately. I knelt there, awaiting my orders.

"Crawl over here and kneel here, we need a footstool" Demanded one of the guys, they were all very attractive, the guys tall and athletic, the girls pretty and toned, they were wearing vests, shorts and were all barefoot. I crawled towards him, I named him 'Master 1', the girl next to him 'Princess 1', the next girl along 'Princess 2' and the second guy 'Master 2'. Master 1 and Princess 1 both lifted their feet off the ground and I knelt under them, his feet rested on the bottom of my back and her feet rested in the top of shoulders/neck. The complete nonchalance in the way that I was being treated was a huge turn on, I didn't even deserve their attention, my role is to be their slave. It seemed as though they were used to having slaves. They continued chatting and Princess 1's foot slid onto my head and pushed it down towards Princess 2's feet, they were extended out directly underneath my face.

"Worship her feet, slave" She demanded. This didn't even get a giggle from the others, this seemed normal to them. I felt honoured to be given the chance to be their slave as I lowed my lips towards her feet. I planted kisses along the top of them and drifted towards her toes, slow and gentle to fit the mood. This lasted for at least half an hour as I worshipped both of her feet.

Over the next 2 hours I continued as their footstool, being swapped between them and worshipping each of the princesses feet. The party grew louder and louder downstairs. At around 1am the door opened and the girl who 'greeted' me at the front door entered, obviously quite drunk.

"Can we have the slave?" She asked, giggling and staring at me.

"They pushed me away with their feet and she grabbed the leash and dragged me from the room...

...There were around 15 people now in the main room, the lights were low and everyone was very drunk, the guys had their shirts off and the girls were just wearing bikinis/underwear. Various couples were making out on the sofas and in the corners.

"The sissy bitch is here!" One of the girls shouted.

"Crawl over here" Shouted another.

I was dragged over to a group of around 6 people, 4 guys and 2 girls. They all had drinks and were sitting on the sofa.

"What's your name, slave?" Asked a Master.

"Sissy bitch." I replied, quickly followed by "Master". This brought them all into laughing fits.

"You look like a sissy bitch alright!" The laughing got even harder. He was slurring his speech.

"What shall we do with him?" A Princess asked the group.

"I know!" Replied the second, let's give him challenges, if he fails, we punish and humiliate him" The group burst into a laughing fit again and all agreed. When the laughing subsided a Master interjected:

"Fetch 6 cups of beer from the across the room one by one and balance them on you back while you crawl"

"And If he spills any her has to lick it up!" A princess added! More laughter.

"Go, sissy!" My cock once again grew hard, simply being ordered around and laughed at turned me on, my love for humiliation was growing by the second, as I was crawling around the room I saw everyone was looking at me, laughing and pointing. I had managed to make 5 trips with a cup on my back and I thought I would finish the 6th, but just before I finished I felt the spike of a high heel shoe press against my ribs and nearly fell over. My movement caused the cup to fall, spreading beer on the wood floor, the room erupted into cheers and laughter.

"Lick it sissy bitch."

"Slurp it up, slave."

I began to lick and slurp the beer from the floor, much to the increasing amusement of the crowd now gathered around me. The girl who had given me my leash was now only wearing a skimpy red bikini and she proceeded to walk in the final puddle of beer that I had spilled.

"Oh no!" Said the leash Princess, with a mocking melodramatic voice. More laughter from the crowd.

"Lick it from my shoes!" Even more laughter.

I immediately obeyed and lapped the beer from the heel of her shoes, she lifted her foot up so that I could lick the sole clean, getting every last drop.

Throughout the next few hours I had many more 'challenges', each more humiliating than the last. I licked whipped cream from the toes of 3 Princesses at once, they smeared their feet across my sissy face and covered me with it. I was sat on like a pony and ridden around the room. I was trampled to see how many people could stand on me at once. When I failed tasks I was spanked and slapped, much to the constant amusement of all my Masters and Princesses.
The party had thinned out and around 8 people were left in the room.

A couple on the sofa were making out passionately, he fondled her now bare breasts and she pulled his cock out of his shorts and started to stroke it. My eyes were instantly drawn to it, thick and long with a very veiny shaft. As her hand moved down it pulled the foreskin down and his huge pink head was revealed. My cock was harder than ever and I was desperate to taste th.... Smack! Leash Princess spanked my ass again, she was standing above me whilst I was being used as a footstool for a master.

"I love punishing my little sissy bitch!" She laughed.

I glanced across to the other side of the room and saw two Masters playing beer pong, completely naked, their beautiful cocks were swaying against their muscly thighs as they moved around, drunkenly hitting the ball to each other. A princess was counting the score, even more drunk than the masters.

"You win!" She shouted, addressing one of the Masters. She unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor whilst the naked winning master stared at them intently, I saw his cock twitch and begin to grow, my most favourite sight in the world, a beautiful cock growing, ready to be pleasured. The Princess drunkenly walked over to him and sunk to her knees, hovering her mouth around his cock. "Now for your rewar..." Smack!

My ass was red and stinging from leash Princess' spanking. "That's 50 spanks!" She said, laughing and raising her arms triumphantly. Then she suddenly fell silent.

"Why haven't you thanked me?"

"Thank you princess" I replied, pleadingly.

"It's too late for apologies now! How dare you disobey me!" She beckoned over the naked Master who lost the beer pong match.

"Are you disappointed about losing?" She asked him. They both looked across to see the winning Master leaning against the wall receiving some enthusiastic oral from the Princess.

"Yeah, I need to get my cock sucked" He replied. My mind instantly raced and imagined taking his cock in my mouth and tasting his jizz...but quickly returned, expecting leash Princess to get the honour.

"Well sissy bitch here has been staring at your cock for the past 20 minutes, I am sure he will desperate to suck it!" My cock nearly exploded right there as I heard those words.

"Please Master," I begged, "Please let me suck your cock."

He seemed reluctant, but sat down on the sofa next to the other couple, the making out couple were still kissing, although he now had 2 fingers in her pussy and was bringing her to orgasm, the Princess was moaning loudly.

"Fine," he replied, "I wanted a girls mouth around my dick, so you better be good!"

The blood rushed around my brain as I crawled between his legs, his cock dangled between them, the Princess next to us on the sofa started moaning loudly, cumming, but I blocked out all the noise, I was allowed to taste a Masters' cock. My lips pressed softly against his cock, my knees trembling, my cock nearly sticking out from my panties, I kissed the top of his shaft again, and again and again, feeling it grow slowly, I was savouring every momen.....

"Fuck this!" I heard leash Princess exclaim behind me. "Stop fucking around and suck it properly". I felt a hand grip my hair and pull my head back, Master lifted his cock upwards to my mouth and my head was pressed firmly onto it, I felt the skin of his shaft press against the inside of my cheeks before his head hit the back of my throat.

"That's better you sissy whore, you cocksucker, haha!" Leash princess was verbally abusing me whilst my mouth was full of cock and it made me even more aroused. The combination of sucking cock and being verbally abused at the same time drove me crazy. I was desperate to cum but I held it back. His cock was still slightly soft and fleshy as I worked my head back and forth onto his cock. He let out a long moan.

"Not bad for a sissy whore." He said.

The cock quickly hardened and I had to stretch my mouth as wide as possible to allow it in, I sucked at the head, flicking my tongue around the tip, teasing it...

"I told you to stop fucking around!" Ordered leash princess, I felt her foot press against the top my head, the high heel digging into my neck and she pressed down hard. Masters' cock disappeared into my mouth, hit the back of my throat, the surprise nearly made me gag but I was a good sissy, I quickly opened it and her foot pressed my head deeper onto his cock, it filled my throat completely. The pressure from her foot relaxed slowly and I felt the entire length of his thick, veiny shaft slide along my saliva-covered lips on the way out. I sucked noisily at the head and it popped out. Before I could take a breath she pressed her heel against my head once more and once again the cock filled my throat, this continued and the speed increased. Master's moans grew louder and I started to feel his cock bulge.

Leash Princess laughed. "That's it, spurt your load into this little slave's mouth!"

Master's legs kicked and he began to writhe as he began to spurt his thick, salty semen into my mouth, his hands also pressed against my head and I swallowed every drop. I savoured the taste of his gift and slowly lifted my mouth from his cock, letting my tongue drift across his head.....Smack!

Leash Princess spanked my ass again, sending layers of pleasure and pain spreading through my body. to my dismay Master pushed my head away and got up from the sofa, dressed and left the party, without even saying a word.

The couple on the sofa were still there, the Princess had her lips around the Master's cock but they were both staring at me, she lifted her head from his lap:

"That was a good job you did there you little cock-sucker!"

Leash Princess smiled "He sure is!" My boyfriend is waiting for me in the other room, I'm gonna head over there and ride his thick cock, I am sure you can find a job for this little slave?" She winked at them both and started to leave without even a glance towards me.

"Of course!" Replied the naked Princess. She kissed the Master passionately. "Crawl here and finish the job I've started." She kissed the Master again before he had time to interject, he didn't really care, he was getting a blow-job whilst kissing a sexy young girl, cannot complain really. I crawled to the other side of the sofa and knelt between his legs, my arousal was so strong I was ready to burst, dressed like a slut, being treated like a slut. Master and Princess continued kissing passionately whilst her hands drifted around his large pecs and washboard abs. his cock was just as perfect as the one before, long, thick very hard and circumcised. Princess turned her head towards me and let a big drop of spit fall from her mouth, it landed directly onto the perfect cock, the bulging head glistened with the saliva. This extra humiliation nearly made me explode, sucking spit from a cock, this was what I was born to do.

I immediately engulfed his cock, it slid straight into my throat and his balls pressed against my chin, already he was starting to shake from the pleasure, I lifted my head and released the cock from my mouth, let out my tongue and licked from his head, all the way down his shaft to his soft, shaven balls. They dangled between his legs and I licked and slurped them. Every inch of his sack was worshipped, my tongue ran up the length of his long cock once more and he thrust his hips upwards and filled my mouth again. I worked my neck and thrust my mouth over his cock, my slutty mouth gaping wide, again and again. I felt that now familiar feeling of the bulging cock in my mouth, ready to explode, I was ready to explode, serving this cock was what I was born to do. He groaned loudly into Princess' mouth and thick spurts of cum filled mine, I swallowed it all, it slid down my throat slowly, it felt amazing.

I heard a Princess almost screaming in pleasure, I turned left and she was riding a Masters cock on the sofa, It was the naked Master who had won the Beer pong game and was receiving oral at the other side of the room. I was too busy savouring this cock that I didn't notice that they had come to the sofa and were now fucking on it, Her huge orgasm slowly subsided and the Master looked across at me.

“Get over here you filthy slut and wrap you lips around my fat dick!” He ordered

“Yeah, taste my pussy juices on his cock!” The Princess added.

I crawled back along the floor to the other side of the sofa as the Princess lifted herself from his lap and sat next to him, obviously very relaxed after a great orgasm.

I was now between his legs and staring down at his magnificent 8” cock, glistening with wetness and looking absolutely salivating. I pressed my head down and slid the cock deep into my throat causing my Master to moan loudly.

“That’s a good cock-sucking slave.” He said between the moans.

After 3 or 4 repetitions of his cock disappearing down my throat he suddenly exploded into my mouth, his load was huge, spurt after spurt his amazing cum filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop, eventually the orgasm subsided and he pushed me away from him. I was a toy to be used and he had used me to dump his cum.

By this time my arousal had never been so high, being used as a suck-toy in this more public environment was utterly humiliating. The 3 couples had left the room and only 3 Masters were left in the room, they had been watching my performance, obviously intrigued. I crawled towards them, my eyes fixed to the ground like the subservient sissy I was.

“How can I please you, Masters?” I asked. I was desperate to taste more cock, to swallow more cum.

They looked at each other with knowing smiles and my cock twitched and bulged out of my panties in anticipation. All 3 Masters were topless and had athletic bodies, one of them stepped towards me and I kept my eyes at his feet. Without a word he lifted me off my knees by the hair and pushed me towards the small table they had been using to put drinks. It was about waist height and not very wide. I felt his hand press firmly against my head and he bent me over the table, my head was hanging over the other side as my chest pressed against the cold surface. I looked up and saw another Master now standing in front of my face, he had removed his shorts and his thick cock was staring at me in the face at un-coincidentally the perfect height for me to suck. Without another word he slid the wide juicy head of his cock into my mouth, I sucked enthusiastically at it, letting my tongue run around the soft flesh. He pulled out and I strained my head forward to taste it again, he then pushed his cock deep into my throat, I had opened it, I am a good sissy. I felt that amazing feeling of his balls pressing against my chin as he completely filled me. He continued to slowly work his cock in and out of my mouth, thrusting his hips forward and backwards. The taste of cock was overwhelming me, I was in a primal state of arousal and obedience.

I felt a Master behind me pull down my panties to my knees, around sock height, finally releasing my raging hard-on, it took everything in my ability to not ejaculate straight away. I then felt a cold wet feeling on my ass.....he was covering my asshole with lube! He was not gentle, he wiped it on my ass and wiped his fingers off on the back. My mind raced in a mixture of panic and arousal as I felt his cock press against my asshole. My mouth was full with cock and the tip pressed into my ass. My first instinct was to tighten up but I quickly relaxed, I am a sissy and my job is to please cocks. So I relaxed my body and his cock pressed deeper into my ass, I felt it stretch my insides as my throat again filled with the other Masters cock. I was being spit-roasted like a whore. A Master behind and a Master in front, the sissy bending over the table, desperate to please every Master possible, to be filled with cock at all times. My ass was now completely filled, I had expected more pain, but my ass took it willingly, I was born for this, he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, his shaft glistening with lube and pressed back inside, it was easier this time, it slid in and my insides felt completely full.

At long last my arousal got the better of me and my cock absolutely exploded with cum, my eyes rolled back into my head and my body convulsed. The Masters kept their cocks inside me and they began to demean me whilst I was ejaculating:

“You sissy cocksucking whore.”

“You love cock in the ass so much you can’t help to spurt your load on the floor.”

“Slave bitch!”

I continued to spurt my load onto the floor, 8, 9, 10 spurts made a huge mess of puddles, I had slipped into absolute pleasure. As my spurts subsided my arousal didn’t, I was hornier than ever and the master began to fuck my ass faster, with each insertion I felt myself stretching to accommodate his cock. His balls made a slapping sound against my ass as he filled me completely. The master at the front also began to fuck my face faster, he grabbed my hair and used my throat as a fuck-toy, his balls were slapping against my chin.

“Tell me how much you love our cocks.” A Master ordered.

I responded quickly in a desperate pleading voice, I love your cocks, I love your cocks inside of me, my job is to please your cocks, please use me as your fuck-toy!”

I begged and pleaded as I was slammed from both sides. Their moaning started to get louder as they got more into it. The cock was pulled out of my mouth....

“Let me join in!”

I had forgot about the third master but I quickly felt his hard dick slap against my cheek, I then felt the other Master slap his against my other cheek. They both rubbed their cocks around my face and balls still slapped against my ass, faster still. The two Masters lifted their cocks and pressed their smooth, low hanging balls against my mouth, I licked and sucked and slurped the 4 balls noisily with the shafts pressed against my forehead. I felt a sting as the Master behind spanked my ass. I stuck out my tongue and they ran their long thick shafts against it before one pushed their cock back into my mouth, as it came out the other immediately followed. They took turns slamming their cocks deep into my throat.

The fucking continued for anther 10 minutes before I felt the cock slide out both my my mouth and ass.

“It’s you turn!” He said to one of the other Masters as he quickly moved around to my mouth. He held the cock a few inches from my face and moaned loudly. His cock convulsed and he ejaculated his jizz all over my face. It hit me with quite an impact as he glazed me completely. Some dripped around my lips and I licked around them, desperate to taste it. He rubbed his cock around my face, spreading out the cum, making sure my face was completely covered. My ass was quickly filled with another cock, followed very quickly by my mouth. Again I was being fucked from both sides, both Masters began to moan louder and louder. I felt both of their cocks twitch and they came simultaneously, I felt the warm semen deep in my ass as he pressed even deeper into me. The cock in my mouth had pulled out and layer after layer of cum slapped against my face, covering me even more. The feeling was the most incredible one I had ever felt, my body also convulsed and I ejaculated again, the feeling of being completely filled with cock and cum made me spurt another load onto the sticky mess beneath the table. The most perfect moment in my life slowly subsided and I licked the cock clean in front of me, before they both pulled out and away from me. My body felt used, like a sissy bitch. This was my place in life.

A Master grabbed my hair again and threw me under the table onto my sticky mess. A foot pressed against the back of my head and my face was smeared into my cum that I shot onto the floor.

“Clean up your mess, sissy”.

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  1. Wonderful story Anna! Had me aroused the whole time thinking that could be me in those panties and working all those nice cocks!


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