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#937- Sissy Story 26 - Transformed into.. Chapter 2 by G.A. - SlickG

What a nice surprise, indeed.. from my talented friend G.A. - SlickG
chapter two of the magnificent story posted on number #895.
the second part of this tale is also more arousing.. for a lot of reasons.
Sure, i think.. if you are a sissy.. is not because a temporary mood..
the contrary.. it's because.. deeply inside.. you are a fag, without excuses!
it's something that you can't control
it's something that turns on your cock... beyond your conscious will..
you never felt something like this..
your love for cock.. is simply without limits!
From the first time you taste it.. you understand..
there isn't anything you can do to avoid it.. faggot!! ;))
please take a look to the new blog of G.A. - SlickG
i'm sure.. it will able to donate us other beautiful gifts like these! ;))
now, enjoy the sissy story number 26! ;)

Anna Malice

No Drugs Required

A week passed since the corporate event, more importantly, the drugging and subsequent sucking of Tom’s cock. Throughout the past week I had not stopped thinking about the biggest orgasm of my life whilst having his cock inside my mouth. The pure euphoria of arousal and pleasure still rippled through me, albeit increasingly more subtle as the days passed. After a day I did feel normal again, I still looked at women and found them attractive, although I had been overcompensating and imagining fucking every female that I saw. Much to my relief I had felt no attraction to men, cocks, or anything else remotely homosexual and after a week of no contact from either Hannah or Tom, I was beginning to hope that I would never hear from them again.
Seconds after that thought I saw an email notification from a ‘XHanX’ and my hope was very short lived. I glanced nervously out of my office and got up to close the door. Upon returning to my large mahogany desk I opened the email:
Hi babes, hope you are well! You seemed to enjoy my ‘little concoction’ last weekend and I am just checking in to see how you are, you’re actually my first human test subject, well, first and last, you see the lab I was working in shut down so Tom and I have been transferred to your building! The big empty room next to your office is going to be a small testing lab for some existing drugs that need developing further. Don’t get too excited, we won’t be testing anything as, lets say ‘original’ as last weekend! We are bringing some of our stuff across this afternoon :)
See you soon,
Hannah xxx
I felt a rush of mixed emotions after reading the email, I was very relieved about that ‘drug’ was no longer being developed, but at the same time I felt a nagging tug of sadness that I’d never feel the same as last weekend. The sadness was quickly followed by panic, Tom will be in the room next to me, I would see them both this afternoon. I read the email over and over hoping that I had missed something, nope. I contemplated making my excuses and taking the afternoon off, but I would see them tomorrow, so there was no point, but also I felt a twinge of excitement in the pit of my stomach reminiscent of that night. I had taken no pills, why did I feel this way? I looked down to see my full erection and the image of Tom’s cock flashed in my mind. I tried to force my mind to focus on work, but to no avail.
A few hours passed and I jumped as I heard a knock on the door, it opened immediately and Hannah entered:
“Hey there you!” She said, playfully. I was too nervous to respond.
“So, how about us being next door to each other eh?” She giggled, “Think of the fun we can have!” I suddenly grew both nervous and excited.
“Just kidding” Hannah replied, winking at me provocatively.

I finally mustered the courage to say “Hi Han-” just as Tom opened the door and completely knocked me off guard once again, his tall and athletic stature instantly brought back memories, I felt my cock harden slightly. He was wearing a full suit and looked fantastic.
“Hello cocksucker!” He exclaimed, both relaxed and confident, his aura was very dominant without being aggressive, It just felt like he was in charge when you were in the room with him.
“Hey Tom,” I replied, meekly.
“Have you managed to get me out of your head this week? You seemed to really enjoy yourself last week, looking at all the ‘mess’ you made!” This brought a giggle from Hannah. His confidence in jumping straight into that topic made me even more nervous, I had half expected them to just never talk about it, albeit with a few hints here and there.
“No, not really” Was my response, “No?” I thought to myself, “at least lie to him!” but I couldn’t, I truly felt so submissive to him that I just could not bring myself to lie.
“So has my little concoction wore off?” Hannah said with a grin, interrupting my frantic thoughts.
“Yes, completely” I replied, I realised I wasn’t looking at Hannah, I was staring at Tom’s crotch and they both noticed.
“Can’t get enough eh sissy?” giggled Hannah. I wanted to protest but I couldn’t
“Well maybe we can arrange something to help you out with that, you know what to do” Hannah’s voice was strangely commanding, they both had such power over me.
I slowly dropped from my chair to my knees as Tom locked the office door.
“You’re going to have to beg for it this time, bitch” Tom ordered, his voice soft but controlling.
I slowly crawled towards him, my eyes focused on the bulge in his trousers.
“Please master, please let me worship your cock, may I please have the honor of tasting your perfect penis”
My own subservient words surprised me, there were no drugs in me, but I was desperate to please him, desperate to taste him. My stomach knotted again, but it was less extreme than before, I felt like I actually had a choice in this, like it was my decision. Last weekend I had be drawn to him by some controlling desire, this was my desire and it was invigorating.
“That’s better”. He replied, slowly unzipping.
My cock throbbed as Tom pulled his huge erect cock from his trousers, it angled upwards as I edged closer, my lips just an inch away from the veiny shaft. I tilted my head back to reach him and softly planted a kiss in the middle of the shaft, my lips lingered there for a few seconds, fully appreciating the moment. From the corner of my eye I noticed a white light pointing towards me, but I ignored it, I didn’t care. As my lips moved from his shaft my tongue remained and I ran it slowly upwards towards the tip, my knees trembling in pleasure.
As my tongue nearly reached the underside of his thick head he pulled his cock away from me and I audibly groaned in frustration, Tom smiled down at me as he stepped back, I followed on my knees, tongue outstretched, being drawn around the room. This was utter humiliation and obedience, the trance was broken when Hannah burst out laughing from the corner of the room. She was holding a video camera!
“I cannot believe he is doing this!” She giggled
“The drug isn’t in his system, why is he acting like a gay sissy?”
Tom grinned “because he is a gay sissy! I told you I knew he loved cock, he is a slave to me now”
I began to panic and looked towards Hannah, then Tom, my mind was yelling at me to get up and break that video camera, what the hell was she going to do with the video? It would destroy my reputation, my boss was openly homophobic, I would be fired! However I couldn’t stand up, my arousal was too strong, I wanted to be his sissy bitch, I wanted it more than anything.
“Please let me continue worshipping your cock” I begged, my gaze returned to Tom and Hannah giggled again.
“Wow, I did not expect this, make him work for it” she laughed even harder, “this will be a great advertisement”!
Tom looked at me in the eyes and his smile widened, it was a smug, all knowing, arrogant smile that made me even more desperate to be his slave. He took off his trousers:
“Close your eyes”, he demanded, I obeyed.
“Now crawl forward with your tongue out!”
I of course obeyed, inching towards him, just waiting to feel his cock on my lips once more.
“Lick it good my little bitch”
His humiliating language just turned me on even more as my tongue finally touched him, it felt soft and wrinkly, the unknowing made my cock throb harder with arousal. I then realised my tongue was touching his ass! I slid my tongue around, I was licking his asshole! I couldn't believe what I was doing but I loved it, it felt right, I felt in my place. I flicked my tongue around his asshole, it was smooth and tasted amazing. I pressed harder with my tongue and took long laps of his ass, my face was fully pressed between his cheeks. Tom moaned loudly.
“He’s a natural asslicker”!
This turned me on even more as I began to delve my tongue inside him, tasting him entirely. I continued for around 10 minutes, worshipping his ass with all my enthusiasm, desperate to please. My saliva made him wet and sticky which facilitated my worship. I pressed my tongue against his asshole one last time then began to move slowly down towards the back of his hairless balls. I licked and sucked them vigorously, Tom began moaning louder, I didn’t care if anyone heard, I just wanted to please my master. I took each ball in my mouth and played with it with my tongue, sucking, slurping and licking. His wrinkly sack stretched and felt amazing in my mouth, this was pure heaven, I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.
To my dismay Tom moved his ass/balls away from me, he had been bending over my desk. He turned around and his cock hit the side of my face, before I could do anything he grabbed me hair and pushed his cock deep into my mouth, he filled me completely and hit the back of my throat, I suppressed a gag and relaxed my throat as he pressed his cock even deeper into me. His balls were now pressed against my chin and he held me there. He pulled out slowly and I gasped for air before he slammed his cock back into my throat, I loved being used as a fucktoy like this. He pulled out again and started rhythmically fucking my mouth. I seemed to naturally be able to take such a big cock. Tom’s moans got quicker and I could feel his cock begin to throb, faster and faster he fucked my mouth until he finally exploded his hot, tasty cum into my mouth, moaning loudly. Extreme pleasure teared through my body and I had a huge orgasm, spurting my load into my underwear. Spurt after spurt of his semen filled my mouth, I had to swallow three times to stop it from leaking out. Both of our orgasms slowly subsided and I sucked his cock gently, ensuring I had every last drop of his cum inside of me, I slid my mouth over his cock slowly and lovingly, worshipping and thanking his cock for feeding me so well, He pulled out of my mouth and I kissed his head three or four times.
“Thank you for letting me please you” I said as Tom put his trousers back on.
“I want you to be even better next time, slut, If you’re going to earn us some money” He said.
“Money? What money?” I asked, my stomach sank again and became scared.
“What do you think the video camera was for?” Interrupted Hannah, “It was for marketing, we are going to pimp you out and turn you into a full cocksucking slave. Our lab was shut down and we are both getting large pay-cuts, this is where you come in. We are going to be selling your services to the highest bidder, and if you don’t do as we say, your boss will see this tape and you’ll be fired, plus you’ll never get to worship your masters’ cock again!”
I knelt there, dumbstruck,”they were going to pimp me out?” The thought both excited and scared me. Strangely, what scared me most was never getting the chance to taste Tom’s cock again.
Tom broke my thought process, “You’re going to need some... training first before we can make some really good money from you” he said arrogantly, “There’s an adult bookstore across town with some booths for watching porn in the back, you will go into the far booth at 6pm, kneel at the gloryhole and please every single cock that appears through the hole, you will swallow every single load that shoots into your mouth and you will love it. Lastly, you will not cum at all throughout the whole night, it will improve your performance. At 12pm you will get an inspection before you can leave. I have arranged everything with the store owner”.
“Do not let us down, cocksucker” ordered Hannah, her tone was more demanding then ever.
“He won’t” grinned Tom as they both left my office, leaving me kneeling at my desk.

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  1. Great Story, Truly enjoyed it. Every sissy's fantasy, to be able to give into one's desires like that with no guilt attached to it would be wonderful.


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