Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#969 - Caught with panties

Bratty Jamie, tonight, returns on our screens
with the most humiliating situation you might live..
well, as a sissy.. to be discovered by your girl friend.. is really a bad situation indeed..
anyway there is something erotic also in this kind of worst moments..
so, try this JOI emotion!

Anna Malice

ps: well the good news tonight.. is that i've just restored one of the "Sissy Couture" videos recenlty lost,
post number #558 - SissiVibez!
so, many many thanks to "2nd Row".. to have found this masterpiece! simply, I love you! ;))


  1. Luv it Anna - btw - wish you a Happy Valentines day a day late - sorry to wish late but was traveling.

    Your Fluff

  2. So into Bratty Jamie, more please! i agree with jluvtv!


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