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#979- Sissy Story 28 - Transformed into.. Chapter 3 by G.A. - SlickG

Chapter Three of the wonderful tale.. written with great inspiration..
named.. "Transformed into a Gay Cock Whore" by G.A. - SlickG
the past chapters were posted on number #895 the first, and #937 the second ;)
i could say.. saga continues in a wonderful way! ;))
enjoy the sissy story number 28! ;)

Anna Malice

The Training

5:30pm, I sat in my car outside of the adult bookstore, my cock hard, I was nervous, excited, aroused. Since Tom and Hannah left I had absolutely no second thoughts, I wanted to please my master, I was his slave, I was desperate to be worthy of tasting his cock once more. The way he instructed me to come to the adult store, so casually, so dominant, I was his cocksucking slave, there was no going back.

At 5:50 I entered the store and nervously headed towards the back, the man behind the counter was young, early 20s, has short dark hair and a tight t-shirt showing off his very strong physique, he ignored me completely. The woman next to him however was grinning at me knowingly, she knew where I was going, who I was, what I was going to be doing. She winked at me, I looked at the floor and headed quickly to the booths, the farthest one. I noticed a sign on the door:

‘Cocksucker - leave your clothes OUTSIDE of the door.’

I sneaked into the booth, stripped naked and put my clothes outside of the door revealing my extremely hard cock, this whole act was so humiliating, how the staff new why I was there, precum leaked out from me, this would be very difficult not to cum. I noticed the hole in the wall of the booth so I knelt down and waited eagerly for my second cock.

The booth next to me opened and I heard someone enter, some rustling, an unzipping of trousers, I waited, desperate for this training. And then I saw it, a flaccid cock appeared through the hole, for some reason this surprised me, I had expected an erect cock, but I quickly gained my composure, there was no reason for it to be hard yet...that was my job. The cock was big, around 6 inches when flaccid, it was circumcised and juicy.

Despite only a few seconds having passed it felt like I was examining the cock forever. I moved my lips towards it and gently kissed the tip, the cock twitched and I heard some rustling from the other side of the booth, but he said nothing. I kissed the tip again, the head was big and stuck out from the thick shaft, I admired its beauty as I kissed again, and again, I moved my lips all around the tip, kissing, kissing, and kissing more. The cock began to get hard and was pointing towards me, I let my lips part as I slid the head into my mouth, applying some pressure to the soft flesh with my mouth. I had to open quite wide to fit it in but I managed, I slid the head slowly out of mouth again and kissed his head more firmly this time. My tongue drifted out and began licking around the head, slowly but ensuring I licked every part, he moaned slightly, a good sign of course, this spurred me on as his cock was now fully erect and amazing to worship, this was my life, my love, my desire.

His cock was now pointing higher and I let my tongue slide down the underside of his cock and down the long, thick shaft, he moaned again. My tongue ran up and down the underside, getting it wet and lubricated. A drip of precum began to leak out of the front, I stuck my tongue just beneath it and let the precum drop onto it, closing my mouth and savouring the taste, feeling my arousal grow and grow after tasting it. Again I began to suck the head, quicker this time, I moved my lips over the head and began to suck loudly, preparing my throat to take it all. I could no longer resist, I had to fill my mouth with his magnificent cock. I poised my mouth to hover around the tip of his cock and took it completely into me, his thick shaft stretched my mouth as it went deeper into my throat, my nose pressed against the booth wall and my throat was full of the big tasty cock. He moaned even louder now, obviously appreciating the surprise. I moved my head back and made a slurping sound as he exited my mouth, some saliva dripped onto the floor. Again I plunged his cock deep into my mouth, working my neck forwards and backwards, my teasing must have got him close to orgasm because I already felt his shaft begin to bulge and pulsate, I sucked even harder, relishing the chance to please another cock, the moans grew louder and he exploded into my mouth, thick spurts filled me, not as much as Tom, but two good mouth-fulls. I let his cock rest on my lips as his breathing slowed, then without warning the cock disappeared from the hole and he was gone.

I knelt there, out of breath, ready to cum, I worked hard to ensure I didn’t cum, mustn't upset my master. But before I even had time to think the booth door opened and another cock appeared through the hole, this time it was erect, not as long as the first but thicker and uncut, I instinctively moved towards it and took it straight into my mouth like a crazed whore, my lips were cracking because it stretched me so wide, but I loved it, I had to push myself to be the best cocksucker ever.

“Holy fuck!” Came the voice from the other booth, “You really love cock!”

This spurred me on even more as I went for it straight away, I felt his shaft pressing on the inside of my cheek, my jaw ached with the effort, but I got it all into my mouth, and out again, and back in, my fast rhythm did not relent or subside, I sucked and slurped his cock desperately like my life depended on it. After two minutes of this he tensed and shot his jizz into my wanting mouth, it hit the back of my throat and I nearly gagged but managed to swallow before the next spurts came, my sucking slowed down and as soon as I swallowed the last spurt the cock disappeared and he hurried out of the booth.

The third cock appeared as quick as the other disappeared, smaller this time and thinner, an easy task for me, the cocksucking slut. I finished him off within two minutes and never heard a sound.

For the next several hours I sucked, slurped, kissed, licked, gargled and worshipped more cocks than I could count, small, big, thick, thin, black, white, you name it. I knelt in front of the hole, jaw aching, stomach full of cum, my face was covered in saliva and drops of cum, the floor around me had drops of jizz, my knees were sore, my back ached and my throat hurt. The training was hard but I was loving every second, I must have looked like a complete cum slave. My cock was desperate to explode. I heard the door to my booth open and I spun around to see the guy I had noticed behind the desk when I entered.

“Wow, you look like the most disgusting cock slave that I have ever seen you sissy bitch!”

I couldn’t reply, I was just in the moment, waiting for my instructions.

“It’s midnight and tonight’s cocksucking is over.....actually...” He looked around to see no one left in the store.

“Fuck it, suck my cock too you bitch, I cant be bothered to fuck my girlfriend when I get home, you will have to do, but don’t you tare touch me with those disgusting hands...” I looked at them, there had drops of cum all over them.

“Learn back against the wall and open wide, I’m gonna fuck your slut mouth!”

I did as I was told, and leaned back against the wall, my cock was still rock hard and bulging, before I could prepare my throat he had pulled out his cock and was forcing it into my mouth, it was huge, the biggest of the night, thick and very long, I strained to take it in as he pushed it deeper into my throat.

“Take my fat cock you sissy bitch cock sucker, or I’ll tell Tom you refused to suck any cocks all night!”

The combination of the degrading humiliation and the threat inspired me to open my throat more than ever as he slammed his cock deep into the back of it, my head banged against the booth wall and he carried on harder and harder.

“Yeah, you love it sissy slut, you love sucking my fat cock, you were born to be a little cum whore!”

His cock bulged and he pulled out of my mouth, shooting huge loads of cum all over my face, he groaned loudly as his hot semen covered me, he shot in my eyes and hair, glazing me completely. This was all too much and I couldn’t hold out any longer, my cock convulsed and I shot my load onto my stomach and chest, spurt after spurt dripped all over and and onto the floor. He began to wipe his cock onto my cheek and I kissed it over and over.

“Thank you for feeding me your cock” I groaned, utterly exhausted.

He stood over me and slapped his cock around my face some more.

“Tom specifically told you that you shouldn’t spill a drop of cum on the floor, he will be disappointed, it looks like you need more training!”

“Yes, sir” Was all I could muster in reply.

“Lick all of this mess up from the floor you cum guzzling slut!” He put his perfect cock back into his pants and stood over me, grinning as I knelt on all fours and slurped up the saliva and loads of cum from so many cocks that had missed my mouth, the floor was cold but some of the jizz was still warm, this was a new low for me, complete humiliation. I felt perfect, this was my place in life.

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  1. Anna - Read all 3 chapters in order just now. Fantastic!! Was trying chastity to become more femme. Now I have to start over ;) Always love your blog. It's my first stop when I'm out looking to feed my sissy habit. Thanks again. Love, Tina


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