Friday, February 17, 2012

#975 - Hypno orgasm control

Interesting hypnotic pov humiliation clip...really never seen before..
mistress here is enough convincing.. to put you under her control..
her voice.. her hypnotic charisma.. make me crazy!
clip is really well made.. not common for this genre..
sublime mood and hot sensations!! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. You should say "focus on" and not "focus in". Her total lack of control of the language makes it hard to indulge in.
    But the rest of your blog is GREAT, I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I found the Slavic discrepancies delightful. My ex-wife and I were both linguists (Russian and incidentals on her part, Arabic and some others on mine) once upon a time, and it is difficult to express the pleasure I feel in seeing a language adapted in this context, flaws especially. The erotic component isn't there for me, but it has been a distinct joy all the same.

  3. I found this enjoyable & arousing & i liked her attempt at english as her 2nd language I think she did a great job. Cool find again Anna. much love & much thanks from Noel xoxo


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