Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#990 - Bratty Jamie Feminization

tonight Bratty Jamie returns on our screen..
after a lot of requests.. about her videos..
she'll entertain us.. with soft feminization practices..
and i'm sure you'll love this kind of entertainment. ;))
short clip.. with not so much video quality..
anyway.. i suppose, this should be really a perfect clip.. for every good sissy!

Anna Malice


  1. Great & Wonderful vid. I am going to start doing those Bratty Jamie things she said to do anyways & asap, I've thought about doing them in the past & Im going to do more than just that soon. I just have to meet up with my friend that is going to help measure me & help with make up & clothes buying, & etc. so I can be passable in public, since I am totally new to it. A cool video find as always Anna. Huge THanks from Noel xoxo


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