Saturday, February 18, 2012

#978 - Pinkhypno

for all the fans... of bimboization..
tonight a great hypnotic clip.. about it!
with wonderful pop stars on background..
hypnotic voice guide mixed with music dance...
for a beautiful final result!

Anna Malice


  1. OMG! What a HOT track! i want to DJ a club sissy party and play this over and over until we're all sweaty bimbo sissys! YAY!

    Thank You Sweet Anna!

  2. OMG it's like so hot! Love it

  3. I can't stop I listen to this everyday!!

  4. who sings the bimbo song
    and what track of lycias is that?

  5. Bimboization + pink + hypno in both ears + awesome music + beautifl pop girls + outstandingly done = Joygasm for all gurls . This is like my dream hypno vid & I love hypno vids especially bimbo ones they seem to work on me very well & very easily. maybe i've always been a bimbo ? ;) xD HUge thanks Anna & whoever made it. And to the 1st poster about that all sissy party it sounds totally great ! :D BIg Time Thanks again Anna from Noel xoxo I must somehow find & download this song asap.

  6. Thanks for the comments. The music is "Bimbo Nation" by TV Rock. You can see another of my videos in post #293.


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