Saturday, February 4, 2012

#936 - Sissy Wants to Suck

First of all.. my excuses..
in the last times.. i was away for my job..
quality of this blog was touched by this.. because from an internet point..
or from my smartphone.. is really hard to manage well this site!
I'm not able to answer to your emails.. to upload hypno files..
and a lot of other common things.. are not possible!
so in the next months.. if you wanna help me to manage the site.. you are welcome!
tonight a great hypno premiere.. long time duration..
with sublime quality.. mixed clips and captions..
a superb final result.. that you can't miss to watch! ;))

Anna Malice

PS. seems that xvideos is gone.. "New uploads are momentarily suspended".. like other hosting sites..
seems we are close to the end of this video blog! a pity!


  1. Hi my love!
    I just sent you an email with brand new original content Sissy GIF..... please open and post as my gift to you.
    I love you!

    ps. my blog is called 'thesissyschool' - please come to it if you get a moment... :)

  2. Thank you Anna, please don't go away....

  3. hi anna, this video is soooo hot !! "you can fuck my mouth" oh my, you sure may,lol. xo,jacie

  4. Some luscious-looking cocks in this vid. They look so delicious I can almost taste them! Thank you, Anna xoxo!


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