Monday, February 13, 2012

#961 - Ellery

No, today, anything about fetish and bdsm..
I was been really touched by this clip.. for a lot of reasons..
i think you have seen something of Ellery around.. expecially on xhamster..
she is becoming every day more famous as a transexual..
simply because she is really gorgeous.. femme, delicate and wonderful.. and really hot inside!
I would like to dedicate to her.. this weekly starting..
posting this beautiful manifest about what a transexual is..
really i was touched by this short video.. in truth, really simply.. but a sort of confession..
in which i was able to discover something also sad and a little bit dramatic..
none is able to understand what i'm saying.. none except sissies like us..
so.. try to follow her words.. and to admire her outstanding beauty in the second clip i decided to post! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. Anna, you are right probably only a sissy/tgurl can identify with Ellery's sentiments....she is gorgeous and so feminine. Keep up the good work Anna, Emily xxx

  2. Anna what you said at the beginning was said perfectly. Ellery has breath taking beauty inside & out. Her words hit me really realy hard & I felt I had to type this right away without even considering watching the second vid posted. I love how feminine she is & her voice is so cuute & awesome. I have the exact same thoughts that she has 100 %. I was tearing up watching it. THanks for this post Anna from Noel

  3. hi anna, ellery is so feminine and beautiful, she is truly a great representative of sissy culture. best wishes to her and to you, jacie

  4. Today's Valentine's day and I'm so depressed. Every day I dream about being a girl but I can't help it. I will always be stuck in a male body, I hate it! No matter surgeries, hormones therapy, nice dresses, I will never be a girl. What this marvelous trans says is so true, nothing but exactly what we sissies constantly think. I'd rather be an ugly genetic woman, at least I could be myself.
    Happy Valentine's to everyone.

  5. Love this vid. She is so beautiful, on the inside and out. Watching and listening to her, my heart breaks for her and for all sissies that want so much to be woman, but know that they never will be. Unfortunately that also includes me. I am resigned to being male, but love embracing my feminine side, and doing what I can to feel and be as femme as my life will allow. Thank you Anna. You inspire me to be my true self, whatever that is.

  6. omg! she's so sweet and femenine! I would love to be like her. Thanks for the video.


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