Monday, February 20, 2012

#984 - Mental Poison - Fetish Slave Training Compilation

from the same author of post #861.. Dirtycumsluts/Mistress Allysin
another fantastic hypnotic clip.. just to addict you.. more and better..
fantastic, incredible video.. without captions.. without hypnotic voice guide..
and effective hypnotic at the same time.. only by the introductive main titles..
because you perfectly know.. what you are... sissy!!! ;)

Anna Malice

ps: first blog anniversary, tomorrow.. on 21/02..
day by day... it was an entire year with Annamalice Sissy Self Hypnosis..
incredible but true! ;))


  1. OMG this video is awesome!!!
    ....I came across this blog months ago, now totally addicted.. ^^
    Thank you for making my life better : ) happy birthday blog!!
    xxx Rosemary

  2. What an amazing year Anna! You should feel so proud of yourself for the happiness and joy you are bringing to others :) Thank you so much for all the beautiful videos and all the hard work you put in! thank you thank you!!

  3. Thank you for all the hard work over the last year Anna,
    7.5m+ hits!
    Think of all the faggots and sissys you've helped to accept there true nature.
    My life will never be the same.
    Go gurl!

  4. Glad you little Sluts liked it >:)


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