Sunday, March 25, 2012

#1084 - Sissy Story 33 - Hotel Cumslut

For this first spring sunday.. i would liked to give a touch of reality..
to this weekly collection of sissy tales..
posting a true story of a really beautiful gurl.. Allysin
i'm sure you'll love this tale.. more than normal..
discovering a real face.. at the end of your reading..
you can find sissy Allysin on her channel on xtube.. looking for: dirtycumsluts
now enjoy the sissy story number 33! ;)

Anna Malice

Hotel Cumslut

I had been posting on Craigslist for 3 days, and had over 700 replies (usually about 1 out of 10 actually show up). I added each response to my email contacts, and left for my hotel. I checked in around 6, ate 6 yellow xanax bars, showered, and did my makeup and hair. Then I logged into Hotmail, and wrote a mass e-mail to all the contacts I had collected from Craigslist.

Here is the email :

Re: Dirty Slut just wants to be Used (*tonight* 02/14/2012)

Hi :) This is Allysin, you responded to my craigslist post. I'm 26 years old, cute, slutty,dressed like a Whore, and staying at the Courtyard Marriott beside the airport. I just want to be r**ed, used, smacked, choked and filled with Cum from strangers. I'm really looking for big cocks (especially BBC), but really don't care who uses me.
There is no need e-mailing me back, I'll be busy and fucked up all night, so if you want to come over and give me some cum I'm in room #117. There is nothing i*****l about this, I'm free (but you want to tip me I LOVE xanax & adderall). There will be a large Hello Kitty cling on my door, and it will be proped open.

(9:23 p.m.)
I put my USB stick in the back on the plasma T.V., and selected "Play all" (12 Gb's of Compilations and Slut Training Videos that I use to Poison my Mind while I'm being used). I turned off the lights so that the XXX on the screen lit the room, and crawled on the bed. I reached over to the nightstand and took 6 more bars out of the bottle, popped 3 of them in my mouth and the other 3 in my asshole. I chased the melting pills in my mouth with gatorade zero as I sent a mass text to the guys that I let fuck me regularly. As I sent the last text I could feel the pills kicking in, and the porn on the screen became hypnotic. My pussy was tickling and burning as my body started to fiend to be used. I mounted my big pink dildo, and dropped myself on it! Pain shot through my body as the toy slammed into my pussy. The porn on the screen started to get blurry as tears formed in my eyes, but I could still hear the girls screaming and moaning. Without thinking I started sucking my thumb, which made me grind the toy deeper and harder into my body.

(9:41 p.m.)
The door craked open, and the first stranger walked in (I'm sure he heard me moaning and the girls on the screen). He walked over to the edge of the bed rubbing his cock outside his jeans. I layed back on the bed and laid my head under his cock as he unzipped (During all of this, I never stopped fucking myself with my pink toy). He took my thumb out of my mouth, and replaced it with his cock. Laying with my head off the bed, I grabbed my dildo with both hands to show him he could use my mouth however he wanted. As his cock became hard he started to speed up, grabbing both of my arms and pinning them to the bed. Precum and spit started dripping down my face as he fucked my throat, I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth. He pushed his dick as far as he could and I could feel spurts of hot cum hitting the inside of my throat. I went limp, holding back my gag reflex and holding my breath until he had finished. When his cock stopped jerking, he pulled it out of my throat giving me a chance to breathe. He put his pants back on, threw $20 on the floor, and walked out. The door slammed back proped against the latch as I went back to fucking myself and watching the screen.

(10:03 p.m.)
I saw headlights outside the window. As the footsteps got closer to the door I started fucking myself alittle harder thinking about the cock I was about to get. The door opened slowly, and a man looking to be in his mid 30's walked in. He watched me fuck myself for a few seconds and said, "You are a dirty bitch aren't you?". I smiled, as he unbuttoned his pants. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face down on his cock. I gagged at first, but started to take him in as my throat relaxed. After only about 30 seconds he pulled out and came all over my face and tongue, asked for my number, and left. I had cum from 2 boys in my belly, but really needed cock inside me. I shoved 2 more bars inside my ass, and cleaned up by wiping the leftover cum into my mouth.
(10:16 p.m.)

I was licking the last of the cum off my fingers when a young black guy knocked on the door (even though it was proped). He came in, and he immediatly threw me down off my knees and onto the bed. He took off all his clothes, got on the bed, and pushed my legs apart. My pink toy slid out as my body tensed up, "You nasty fucking cunt, you like black dick huh?", he said. "Yes sir I do, it's my favorite", I said back. He lifted his cock up to my pussy and smacked it up and down a few times, and slammed it inside me. He spread my legs, pushed my feet in the air, and continued to pull his cock all the way out of me, and slam it back in. He leaned down and stuck his tongue in my mouth, and I could feel his body tense as he put his cum inside me. "Thank you", I said. "You on the pill?", he asked. "No", I replied. He pulled his pants up, lit a cigarette, and walked out. When I saw his headlights turn on, I slid my pink toy back inside me to hold the cum in, got back up on my knees, and lit a blunt. The xanax were really starting to take effect now, everything felt good, and all I wanted to do was fuck. I could feel the black strangers cum inside me. I alternated fucking myself, and cleaning the dildo with my mouth until I couldnt taste cum anymore.
(10:39 p.m.)
I saw the door open again from the corner of my eye, and two cute boys in their mid-twenties came in. They took off their clothes and climbed on the bed. One started kissing me while the other started to suck his friends cock. I moved down the bed, and started helping his friend lick and kiss all over his dick. After about 2 minutes, the friend got behind me, leaving me with the other boys cock in my mouth. He slid his cock inside me, and slowly fucked me while I enjoyed the other boys dick. I could taste precum, and I knew what was coming as the boy in my mouth started to jerk. When his buddy saw this, he started to fuck me harder and faster, and shot his cum inside me. I was still holding cum in my mouth when I felt my pussy being filled. As the boy behind me pulled out, his cum poured out of me onto the bedspread. I swallowed the load in my mouth, and licked up what had poured out of me. They left me $40.
(11:12 p.m.)
A guy I had been talking to just sent me a text, and told me he was pulling in the hotel parking lot. He says he's bringing me 50 blue xanax's (that's 25 bars). In about 2 minutes he walked in, and handed me the bottle without saying much. I opened the bottle and tossed 9 or 10 of them in my mouth, and chased them with gatorade zero. I think it made him feel more comfortable seeing me eat the pills, because he immediatly started feeling my body and fingering my pussy. I spread my legs for him, inviting him to come use me. At this point I could hardly think straight. He got on top of me, and sunk his cock into my pussy. He pulled his cock all the way out of me each time before slamming it back in. He pulled back, and accidentally slammed it into my asshole, all at once. He pulled out of my ass, and put his cock back in my pussy as I started to scream from the pain. He held his hand over my mouth, and exploded deep inside my pussy. As soon as he shot his cum inside me, he got dressed and ran out of the room as if I was hurt and going to call the police, lol. When I stopped sobbing, I pushed his cum out of me, into my hand, and licked it up.
(11:32 p.m.)
I am really fucked up (I wouldn't even remember most of this is it wasn't for the webcam footage). A black man in his mid-thrities walks in the room and says, "You look sexy as hell! I wish I could stay and fuck you longer, but I've only got about 15 minutes. My younger cousin is in the car, and I can't leave him out there that long".I walked to the window and looked outside, and there really was a younger black guy in the car. I opened the door and walked to the passenger side of the car, "Do you wanna come in here with your friend and play?". He didn't say anything, but got out of the car and came into the room. The older cousin had a big cock, but his young cousin (who was apparently 17) had a HUGE cock. I got on my knees and took turns sucking their cocks. After a couple minutes, the older man pulled me up on his lap, and settled me down on his cock. It was alot bigger than my toy or anybody that had fucked me yet tonight. His cock stretched into my body as I started to fuck myself on it, still sucking the younger cousins even larger cock. After about 5 minutes of grinding his big black cock into my body, the younger cousin got up on the bed, and bent me over to kiss his older cousin. While I was making out with him, I could feel the younger cousin pressing his cock up against my already stuffed pussy. I knew what he was thinking, but ket kissing the older man in front of me. He spread my ass apart, and started to shove his cock into my pussy too! I tried to say "No!!!", but the older cousin held me down my the arms while the younger cousin kept going deeper inside me. I felt my skin starting to rip as the younger cousin started to fuck me faster and deeper. I was screaming with my mouth closed, letting these two strangers rip into my body. Everytime the younger cousin lifted up, or repositioned himself, I could feel my skin tearing, and I knew I had to be bleeding. The older cousin started to moan and thrust, and in about 30 seconds I could feel cum coating the inside of my pussy. This lubrication was all the younger cousin needed. He dug his fingers into my ass, and shot his cum into me too, mixing it with the cum from his older cousin. They pulled out of me, and cum with streaks of bl**d dripped down my ass and legs. I rolled over on the bed as they dressed, and closed my eyes exhausted and d**gged. About 30 seconds after they left, the door opened again, and the older cousin walked in again. He rolled me over, spread my legs, and shoved a crumbled $20 bill in my pussy. The rough edges hurt like hell, but I loved having that dirty money inside my ripped pussy. I stumbled to my backpack, got my babyoil Gel, and rubbed it all over my pussy so it wouldn't bleed from being ripped open.
(12:02 a.m.)
The second man that used me tonight walked in the room again. He brought me a half quarter of weed, I threw it under the bed, and layed back down. He was trying to talk to me about his work, and some other bullshit, but I wasn't able to concentrate on anything except the gangbang slut taking cum on the screen. I looked over and said, "I can hardly keep my eyes open, I don't really wanna talk, but you can use me again if you want to daddy". He didn't say another word. He got on top of me, and slid his cock inside my pussy. I could feel where it had been ripped by the black buys before him, but my entire body had started going numb. I closed my eyes, and passed out while he was fucking me. The next thing I remember was the door slamming against the latch as he was leaving.

(12:36 a.m.)
I got a call from somebody who I had talked to earlier. He offered me $100 for an hour, I guess he thought I was a whore, lol. I wasn't able to stay awake at this point, so I took a 30 mg adderall and 4 more of the blue's the nice man brought me earlier. I got my other toy out of my backpack, grabbed my pink toy off the floor, and layed back down on the bed. My favorite zooskool compilation was playing, and I wanted to feel both toys stuffed inside of me,..I wanted it to hurt. I f***ed both toys inside me, splitting my ripped pussy even worse. I squirted more gel onto the toys, and fucked myself until i couldn't take the pain anymore. The girl on T.V. was licking up puppy cum out of a doggie dish, and it was making me fiend to be r**ed and abused. While I was fucking myself with both toys, the $100 guy walked in the door (I don't think he was expecting a dirty slut like me). "You look very sexy", he said. "Thanks Daddy", I said back. He looked around for a second, at the XXX on the screen, and both large toys stuffed inside me. "Do you...uh...have any condoms?", he asked. I shook my head as if to say "No". He walked over to the edge of the bed, laid the $100 on the nighstand, and took off his pants. He walked over to the edge of the bed, and hung his balls over my mouth. I lifted myself up to lick and kiss all over his nuts, and he started to jack off. My tongue was everwhere. All over his hands while he was jacking off, and all over his cock. Eventually he said, "Fuck it.", and shoved his cock in my mouth. My pussy was hurting bad! It was swollen, and raw, but when I tasted his precum it started tingling, needing something inside it. I worked my toy with one hand, and his cock in the other hand. He slowed down, grabbed the back of my head, and started to gush cum in my mouth. I kept my mouth closed around his cock until he was done, and layd back on the bed. "I'll call you again sometime soon.", he said while he was walking out the door. I nodded and smiled as he walked out, and the door slammed back against the latch. As soon as he was gone I layed back on the bed, spit his cum into my hand, rubbed it all over both of my toys, and shoved them back inside me. I sat up on my knees and sat down on both dildos, forcing them all the way inside me. I knew I was fucking up my insides, but I didn't care, it felt great!

(1:13 a.m.)
A large black man walked into the room without knocking. He was very muscular, and had tattoo's all over his body. He walked over to the bed and started rubbing all over my legs and body. I got on all four's, unbuttoned his pants for him, and took his cock in my mouth. My toys fell out of me onto the bed as my back arched while sucking his cock. I started to whimper and moan as I tried to f***e his cock down my throat. I gagged a couple times, and it really seemed to turn him on! He threw me down, and mounted me without saying a word. He threw my legs apart, licked his hand, and started to smack my pussy really really hard, over and over. My pussy was already swollen and torn, and it felt like it was on fire, and he just wasn't stopping! I tried to take it as long as I could, first I started to whimper, then whimpering turned into screaming, and screaming turned into begging him to stop and sobbing. I moved my hands down to block the abuse, but as soon as I did, he threw my hand back against the headboard and looked at me as if he was pissed! "I'm sorry Sir, but it hurts sooo bad!", I said with tears and eyeliner running down my face. He looked at me for a second without saying anything, and I spread my legs in the air like a good girl. He grabbed his cock, aimed it at my cunt, and shoved it inside. "Ahhhhh Fuck!!! It huuuuurrts!", I screamed. He pumped his cock in and out of me about 6 times and stopped (I had no idea he was only using my pussy to get his cock wet). He pulled his cock out of my swollen cunt, bent it down, and rammed it in my asshole! "Ohh..hh..hh goddamnn...nnn!!!", I yelled while crying at the top of my lungs. He leaned down and pinned my neck to the bed with one hand, and covered my mouth with the other. He started fucking my insides, forcing his cock in every direction, trying to hurt me as bad as he could with his cock. The pain started to numb as I got lightheaded, and everything began to dim. I heard him groaning, and felt my ass filling with hot liquid as I passed out. When I woke up, the man who had just r**ed me was getting dressed, and a second black stranger had let himself in the room while I was out. I couldn't really keep my eyes open, but the second black stranger didn't seem to care. He got on the bed, spit on my r**ed pussy, fucked me for about 3 minutes, and pumped his cum in my pussy. I wasn't really able to open my eyes while he was using me, but I was awake. I don't know if he knew I was awake, lol. When he left I tried to stand up off the bed, but immediatly fell to my knees, so I crawled to my backpack and got my big black assplug. I pulled myself back on the bed, lifted my leg, and f***ed the large plug in my ass, and collapsed on the bed facing the T.V. screen.

(2:12 a.m.)
I heard the door open and managed to open my eyes. An boy who looked 18 or 19 was slowly walking in the door. He came in, sat beside my exhausted body, and started rubbing on my legs and ass. My eyes were closed, but I started to moan while he touched me. I guess that was the sign he was waiting for, because I could hear him unbuckling his pants and throwing off his shoes. I felt the matress move as he got on the bed and spread my legs for him as if it was instinct. "Your sexy", he whispered. I didn't bother trying to reply, I just laid there waiting for his young dick. He started feeling all over my pussy, discovered the large plug in my asshole, and pushed it deeper into me a couple times. I whimpered and started sucking my thumb to get him nice and hard. He started jacking his cock, and kissing and licking all over my legs and heels. He pushed my legs back, and started to moan. I spead my used pussy open, and his cum streamed inside me, and all over my torn hole. He finished emptying himself as I grabbed my toy to f***e his cum inside me. As he was pulling up his pants he asked, "Do you like X?". "fuck yes I love it!", I mumbled. He pulled 2 blue pills out of his pocket, sat down beside me and pulled out my assplug. "Aeeeaahh Fuuuck!!", I yelled as bl**dy cum poured out of my asshole. I bit my lip as he shoved the 2 blue pills inside me, then poped the assplug back inside me. "Thanks", I whispered while he moved towards the door. I leaned down and lapped up the cum the had fallen out of my ass as I heard the door slam shut against the latch.

(2:52 a.m.)
A 30ish looking white man walks in the door, and my entire body is tingling. He walks over to the bed, leans down, and starts to kiss me. I leaned back and let him lick inside my mouth , while I make little whimpers. He stood up, dropped his pants, grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth. He fucked my face for about 10 minutes, pulled his cock out of my mouth, and came all over my face. He pulled his pants back on, pulled a $50 bill out of his wallet, smeared his cum all over my face with the bill, and shoved it in my mouth. He walked out of the room laughing, while I cleaned the cum off of the $50.
(3:31 a.m.)
A 24 year old crossdresser (Ashlea) that I have fucked a few times came in. She had been at Metro Station (XXX Bookstore/Theater) in Louisville for the past 4 hours letting boys use her. She layed down beside me, and we started to kiss, mixing leftover cum from dozens of boys as we made out. We talked and giggled for a second, and I told her about the boy that had put 2 X pills in my tushy. "I fucking love X, I haven't beenable to find any for weeks! Get on your knees!, she said. I got on all fours and she slowly pulled the large black plug out of my ass. She spread my ass apart and said, "Push Whore!". I clenched down and shot all the leftovers from the X pills mixed with cum into her mouth. She swallowed everything in her mouth, and we went back to kissing. "You like that you little faggot?" I asked in an evil tone. "Mmmm, yes I do Mistress! I've been letting dirty men cum inside me all night!", he said while getting on his knees on the bed. He bit his lip, and started to push. Her little cock bounced up and down leaking piss as she squirted cum onto the bed that had been inside her since she left Metro Station. We both got down on all four's and started to clean up the mess while kissing each other, snowballing what this nasty faggot had pushed out of her asshole. Just then a black man in his 40's walked in the room. "Which one of you bitches wants this dick?", he asked. Ashlea lifted up off the bed and raised her hand, "I do Mister.", she said in a fem voice. He got behind her on the bed while we kept kissing, spit on his cock, and slid it in Ashlea's nasty asshole. I reached under her, grabbing her little cock while she bucked against the BBC inside her. I could tell that she had been holding her cum back for hours. I crawled underneath her, and started sucking her little sissy cock while the man behind her fucked her harder and harder. After about 3 minutes, her body began to twitch and jerk, and salty spurts of faggot cum slowly oozed into my mouth. "Ohhhhhhh fuck my cumdump ass daddy yeeeeesssss!", she yelled as her balls emptied into my mouth. Before I had a chance to swallow, The black man pulled his cock out of her ass, grabbed my head (as I quickly swallowed Ashlea's cum), and sprayed thick globs of cum in my mouth and face. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but it was going everywhere. Once he was done, he got up and put on his clothes, put $10 on the table, and left. Ashlea kissed me goodbye, stumbled to the door, and the door slammed shut against the latch.
(4:22 a.m.)
I just put 8 more blue xanax (4 bars) in my ass, and replaced my plug when 2 thin skinhead white men walked in. I had taken so many pills that I couldn't think straight, much less speak. "You ready for 2 dicks bitch?!", One asked. My eyes were forcing themselves shut, and I couldn't answer. They walked closer to the bed, shook me alittle and said, "Hey girl, you in there?". "She's fucked up man", one said of them said. I tried to open my eyes for a second and smiled, "I'm here", I giggled. Just as I closed my eyes, one of them grabbed me by the hair, jerked me up, and smacked my face a few times. I opened my eyes as they placed a small glass mirror in front of me. He tapped out 3 piles of white powder on the mirror, rolled up a $20 bill, and lowered my head to the powder. "Sniff these piles...Hey! Look at me! Sniff these piles one at a time!", he ordered. I sniffed over and over as he moved from one pile to the other. As the speed began to sink in, I started rubbing all over my body, I was tingling everywhere and everything tickled. One of the men layed down on the bed, took out my plug, and pulled me onto his lap. I crawled over to him and mounted his dick and started riding. I could feel the half melted pills being driven further inside me. His friend got behind us, and pushed my mouth down to meet his friends mouth. As I kissed the boy in front of me, his friend pushed his cock along side the other boys cock, and stretched it into my ass too. "Godddddddddddamnnnnnnnn", I moaned as they stretched my asshole apart! I could taste the coke dripping down my sinuses while they beat their cocks into my body. The boy underneath me grabbed his cock, and shoved it in my cunt, and I giggled as my stretched skin relaxed and it started to feel good again. "I'm about to cum in this bitch b*o", one of them said to the other. They both started to speed up and moan. I felt my asshole filling with hot fluid as the boy in my ass started to groan. That must have sent his friend over the edge because within 10 seconds I could feel his cum stinging the rips and cuts inside my abused womb. They both slowly pumped both of my holes and they emptied their balls into my body. They pulled their cocks out of me, and kneeled over my face letting me clean my ass and pussy of their dicks. When they were done, they got up, got dressed, and the boy that had been in my ass tapped out 5 lines on the dresser and left the rolled $20 beside it. "Thanks skank", the other said as they walked out. "Your welcome", I giggled. When they left I licked up all the leftover cum i could find on the bed, got on my knees, and started grinding on my big pink toy and watching the porn on the screen.
(5:13 a.m.)
I was doing some of the lines on the dresser when 2 young black thugs walked in the room. They walked in the room wearing sunglasses, and smelled like weed smoke and cologne. I got on my hands and knees as if to offer my ass and pussy to them, and layed there sucking my thumb. One of them sat down in the chair beside the bed and started watching the video on T.V. while the other got on the bed with me. He pulled down his pants, and whipped out a really nice black cock. I licked on my fingers, reached around and started fingering my ass in case he wanted to use it, but he didnt. While I was fingering my ass he rammed his cock inside my cunt and started to fuck me. I moaned and whimpered as he used me, waiting for my reward. He fucked me for about 5 minutes and unloaded his cum inside my nasty pussy. He got up to get dressed, and his friend immediatly took his place behind me. Just like his buddy, he shoved his cock inside me, fucked me for about 5 minutes, and shot his cum inside me to mix with the cum from his friend. They got dressed, and left. As the door slammed against the latch, I turned around to lick up the puddle that had formed underneath me. I grabbed both of my toys and and shoved them both inside me. It didn't hurt as much as it did earlier, and I wanted it to. I took off my heels, and started to move my feet around the bed trying to f***e myself down harder on my toys. I could see the pink glitter polish on my toes while my feet wandered around the bed. The threads of my fishnets on the bottom of my feet started to get wet from the leftover cum from the boys that had soaked into the bedspread.
(6:02 a.m.)
An older white man walks in while I'm gliding my feet across the bed. "Hey honey!", he said. "Hi Daddy. Are you going to give your little girl some cum?", I begged. He walked over to the bed, pulled down his pants, and waved his cock in my face. He could see the toys I was stretching myself open with, "ohh, your a really bad girl aren't you baby?", he asked. "Mmmm Hmmm", I moaned while taking his dick in my mouth. I rocked back and forth as hard as I could on my toys, enjoying the way it feels to have a strangers cock in my mouth. He started to run his fingers through my hair, down my neck, back, and all over my body. His body started to stiffen as he slid his fingers back into my hair. He grabbed two handfuls of my hair, and pulled my face down on his cock forcing the tip of his cock into my throat. He didn't make much noise, but I could feel his dick wiggling and something warm dripping down my throat into my stomach. "Thanks honey", he said while buttoning his pants and moving towards the door. "No, thank you", I smiled as he walked out. I'm exhausted, but speedy. My heart is beating fast but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I grabbed the 4 pillows from the head of the bed, stacked them up, and got on top of them propping my ass in the air. As my head hits the bedspread I feel so fucked up and relaxed, my eyes closed, and I passed out.
(6:34 a.m.)
I wake up (kinda) hearing the door open and close. I hear 2 men whispering to each other, while one lights a cigarette. A couple minutes pass, and I feel the bed shake. I feel kisses and wet mouths on my legs and feet, licking all the way up to my ass and thighs. I didn't move. It felt so good laying there and relaxing I just let them do what they wanted. I was only half awake and my head was swimming. Then I feel somebody spreading my legs apart, and fingering my pussy. A mans body leans forward and plunges a cock into my pussy and starts to slide in and out of my body. They whisper back and forth to each other while he's fucking me, but I can't tell what they are saying. The man behind me pulls out, and shoots his cum all over my asshole and lets it drip down my pussy to the bed. They whisper as they switch postions, and another cock is shoved into my cunt. I can hear them kissing as the boy inside me gave me his cum. They left as quietly as they came in (I guess they didn't wanna disturb me, lol)
(7:15 a.m.)
The door cracks and my eyes open as light fills the room. It's daylight. I open my eyes alittle to see a heavy set white man. He is dressed like he is on his way to work or something. In the light, he can see how abused my pussy is, and the toys laying on the floor. As he sits down on the bed, I turn my head towards his lap, and layed there looking at him, "Can i have some cum?", I asked. He unzipped his pants, and I immediatly moved to his cock and took it in my mouth. He reached down and grabbed the baby oil gel while I was getting his cock hard. He squirted a big amount onto his fingers, and reached around to molest my asshole while I sucked his cock. He was very rough forcing his fingers into my ass. First one, then two, then four fingers. I started to moan and buck my body agaist his fingers. He must have taken this as some kind of sign, because he threw me down on my stomach, and spread my legs apart. He squirted more gel on his fingers, and was trying to f***e his entire hand in my asshole. I bit down on the bedspread in front of me as his hand slowly ripped my ass open. The pain was crazy! I yelled and cried into the bedspread as he finally managed his hand inside my butt. I tried to pull off of it, but it hurt too bad! I couldn't stretch my asshole back over his hand, I was stuck. I thought he was going to pull his hand out of me, but instead he kept sinking his arm deeper inside me. I was sobbing uncontrolably, and I thought he had ripped my insides apart. He pulled his hand out all at once, and before I could sigh in relief, he punched it back into my asshole. "Jeeeesusss please stop, please, you're going to kill me please!", I cried. He was playing with is cock with his other hand, and loved hearing me cry. He pulled his arm out off my ass, "hold your hole open", he commanded. I caught my breath, reached around, and stretched my asshole open with two fingers from each hand. I pulled as hard as I could in both directions, opening my asshole for him. He moved closer to me while jacking his cock, leaned forward, and released his cum into the stretched open asshole in front of him. I couldn't feel anything, but I could hear him moaning as he dropped globs of cum into my ass. He went to the bathroom, washed his hands, and left. When I was able to stop crying I rolled over and got on my knees, and started to push. Piss dribbled out of my slit as I emptied the bl**d and cum from my ass. He really fucked me up inside. I stumbled to the door, and put my "Allysin is not here anymore" sign on the door, closed it, and locked it. I fell back onto the bed, and snuggled up on the cum covered bed, and fell asl**p while my insides bled inside of me.
(12:03 a.m.)
Housekeeping keeps banging on the door. I sit up, put my heels back on, turn the sheets over to hide the bl**d and cum, pick up my toys and clothes, grab my sunglasses, and drive home.

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  1. Allysin is a girl. Her husband is the sissy.


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