Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#1029 - Sissy Lollypops by Annamalice

well, when i found this video.. ispiration reborned in me immediately..
so it was natural to add some captions and managing this file as best as possible..
i suppose.. you'll love this intuition.. and all my way to induce you to gayness..
this is your perfect sissy hypno clip.. because
it's full of delicious cum.. with a lot of melting hard cocks.. and for you only!!.. ;))
Maybe i'm only a poor insignificant faggot..
but for sure you'll be like me.. and my sissy infection will infect you completely!! ah ah ;))
so.. my dear gay sissies.. let you be kissed.. by my faggot kisses..
enjoy the pure gayness.. because if you are here.. (everyday)
later or soon.. . you'll become a perfect real fag!

Anna Malice


  1. OMG Anna you are amazing. Thank you for all you do for us sissies. this sissy worships you.

  2. my lady, i try to come here everyday; thank you for your hard work

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. omg,i am so wanting cock after watching this.. great motivator keep it up so to speak, bye going to find a lollypop

  5. Yes, Anna... I want your kisses. I am infected and you are turning me into a sissy faggot more and more every day... Love this!

  6. Can't...resist...I...am...a...sissy...cock...sucker! Thank you, Anna. xoxox

  7. Anna, this is such a great hypno. All of your posts are helping me turn into a complete sissy faggot. all i want is cock and cum

  8. Thank you Anna! This video makes me so horny and proud to be a sissy. I love those gushing cocks.

  9. BEST. VIDEO. EVER. i'll never suck a lollipop again without thinking of this video, and therefore sucking cock and being a sissy faggot! :)


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