Monday, March 5, 2012

#1026 - Slurp it up (restored post #103)

As you know.. reading the "Help me" page..
in the last times, for the tragic end of megaporn..
we lost a lot of embedded videos hosted on this blog..
a lot of people usually write me and beg me to repost some lost hypnotic clip..
but in these times for me it's really a trouble..
because i'm always away for my job without a stable internet connection..
Well, for all the people that send me links where to download these lost clips..
i want to say this is totally unuseful.. i'm not able to upoload all these clips on a valid site..
if you wanna really help he.. you have to download and upload these clips .. on one's own..
(examples of valid sites are xtube or xvideos)
anyway tonight for the full joy of Jamie (a little sissy friend of us)..
i recently discovered an old superb clip posted the last year..
"slurp it up" is a milestone of hypnotic sissification and addiction to cock..
so it's a big pleasure for me to repost it.. tonight ;))

Anna Malice

P.s. a big kiss to Ben ;))


  1. I wish there was some techno music to go with this.

  2. Anna... wow... anch'io vorrei berti così... posso?

  3. This is one of my favorites! But wasn't there audio before? Thank you, Anna! xoxo

  4. i love all your hard work Anna

    I just wish there was away I could be more of a help.

    Kisses Carla


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