Friday, September 2, 2011

#492 - Enslaved sissy maid 3

For a long long time i looked for this video!
I remember it made me truly excited, the first time i watched..
it's a full long movie about feminilization and domination
where everything is soft and truly intense! ;)
Try to imagine how it's sublime to transform you in a sissy maid under the power or your mistress.
Even if this isn't an hypnovideo..
I remember to have posted the other two of this collection of porn movies in the same category!
Anyway enjoy the beauty of this shemale legend... Giselle! ;))

Anna Malice

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back my sweet sister! I hope you had a lovley summer and nice vacations. Even though i did not post for some time, i follow your blog every day with lust.
    Congratulations for over 2.000.000 views, my sweetheart. This is really amazing. I really hope this will going on.
    This video is so sexy. I dont know how many times I watched it, and I always cum into my tight panties, when her little clitty finally slips into the chastity-tube, after all her struggling and fighting. This is so wonderful, I wish it would be me! It would be perfect, if she would have to suck a huge black cock, after her chastity!
    Have a lovley day, and as always thank you so much Anna!
    Yours, Lola


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