Thursday, October 13, 2011

#615 - Bitch In Heat by Felicia Lightner

A magnificent Thursday with the magnificent videos of Felicia Lightner
(magnificent is her also, of course ;)
Tonight, a 4 minutes video of great music.. with a lot of wonderful clips mixed togheter!
final result is really cool! I love it! ;)
Don't forget to take a visit to her beautiful site!

Anna Malice


  1. I always feel like a bitch in heat everytime I see a cock,my ass aches for it ;)
    This my favorite hypno vids by felilcia and I love ur site, my sissy clitty throbs to attention every time I cum here ;D keep the wonderfull sissy hypno vids comin I'm in love with them


  2. what we truly need is hypnosis with a lot more emphasis on girl stuff. More about panties, more about bras, more about high heels. Something like "sexy as the devil" combined with "you are a girl" combined with "danas_new_suck". What we need is a nice long session about getting all slutty and sexy looking with a hot female voice telling us its o.k. and what we need. Then our reward for being such good girls is a nice big cock to suck on. Or better yet...lots of cocks.
    I request this as i write while wearing high heels, thigh highs and my wifes panties and bra, hoping she comes home, finds me like this and makes me suck a cock for her.

  3. Wow that was so hot I almost creamed my panties just watching it

  4. My favorite position, I love being bitch fucked !

    Schoolgirl Slut,


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