Sunday, October 30, 2011

#666 - MistressT - Footfag training

Another beautiful video of MistressT...
She is so candid and dirty intriguing, everytime!
A direct pov over the thing you love more.. a magnific hard cock!
Even if it's a pov humiliation clip..
i'm sure you love this gay induction video! ;))
don't forget to rate... and don't miss the great premiere of Linux of tomorrow night! ;)

Anna Malice


  1. That's so incredibly sexy Anna. I want to be there to lick and suck the cum from MistressT's toes. Love, Angelica xxx.

  2. Get these feet away from my face and gimme that cock, biotch!

  3. Wow and we got the director's cut on top of it! I think I have to say that within Anna's "Mistress collection" I think I like this one the best. Not necessarily this particular video, but there is something about her demeanor. I like her even more than Her Royal Highness Princess Sera who of course is always good for a few laughs. Unfortunately for Mistress T, she doesn't realize that the audience at this site would rather have that cock than her feet so her offer seemed to me to be a bit flat. It was interesting seeing her trying to work that cock with her feet though. The last time I saw feet with such dexterity they were being used to peel a banana. And how about that cum shot! HD right? Made me feel like I was part of the action. And what's with the finger at the end? Wasn't very lady-like now was it? And maybe next time she tries to make a sexy video she might like to consider dressing for the part. Seriously you can find sexier looking women in line at the grocery store. Bitch!- pussyboi

  4. wow wow and wowww i love this ans her feet the cock having 2 incockhead fuck i masturbate hard on this cum 3 time ty anna am new on your blog and i have for hours and hours of pleasure i love youxxxxxxxxxxx my mouth and

  5. WOW this video is excellent, a very good foot job, really great


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