Monday, April 30, 2012

#1194 - Hooked for life by

I'm always really proud to host your creations..
in the most of the cases.. they are truly masterpieces of hypnotic sissification..
and i'm really glade to share them to all the sissies of the world..
giving to your efforts.. the best publicity possible..
well for our monday night of hypnotic sissification video.. (with 11 milions of thanks;)..
tonight i'm also really proud to share a magnificent creation of a new artist..
(, many thanks to have chosen me, i adore your job ;)..
it's a great debut indeed.. with this first hypnotic clip.. that looks really interesting and well made..
of course stuff is a sublime choise of clips..
maybe the best mix of shemale clips i have ever seen.. with a great video quality..
even if, in my opinion, the best of this beautiful clip is represented by captions..
so much effective to describe, with a good progression and quality of sentences.. a sort of tale or a real narration..
so let you hypnotize by this premiere.. offers to us gently by
express your opinions about.. that i'm sure he would like to know.. ;))
be open mind.. and enjoy! ;))

Anna Malice


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Kisses Anna

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