Thursday, April 5, 2012

#1119 - Double Fucked by Felicia Lightner (restored #636)

I'm really affectionated to Felicia and I'm really affectionated to her clips..
Some of them, particulary wonderful, were posted, by me or by her, on megaporn..
just to exalt their quality and beauty..
unfortunately, with my big disappointment, they were lost.. with the crash of that site..
anyway because i'm lucky.. and because i have someone who cares about me..
my super big wonderful fabolous (and so on).. friend.. sissy jane..
has recently re-uploaded some of them..
and with my much pleasure.. i'm able to share it with you tonight! ;))
this clip was made expressly for the users of this blog.. by Felicia..
posted 6 months ago.. it's just a classic.. with Led Zeppelin on background..
well, simply another incredible voyage in the part of your mind more secret and enrapturing..

Anna Malice


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