Monday, January 2, 2012

#837 - Sissy knows what she really wants by Linux

thanks, sweet Linux..
thanks to you for this nice dedication on final..
you are the greatest one.. but not only for that! ;))
Well, as you imagine.. tonight I'm proud to show you the last creation of Linux..
a short clip with good captions.. and a lovely mix of porn shemale video!
also with music on background.. the mood of this creation looks really cool..
Sometime I really prefer to be entertained with this kind of stuff.. hot and carefree..
because i want a life full of emotions and joy.. my best wishes to you all in this sense! ;))
great video quality.. for a beautiful realization indeed, my compliments

Anna Malice


  1. wonderful stuff. it's everything i wanted, and more!

  2. Happy New Year Anna, thanks for your wonderful blog xx

  3. Happy New Year Anna, thank you for your wonderful blog xxx

  4. very cute compilation indeed.
    Thank You Linux and Anna.
    Happy New Year <3

  5. Great video thank you for your blog

  6. Here, here! Thank you Anna, and thank you Linux for that stirring tribute! xoxo

  7. Anna - I LOVE this blog! Sooooo many good videos are realy bringing out my sissy side. Perhaps monopolizing my day, but I love it :)
    I've noticed that a handful of vids like this one, though, I can't watch any more. Before Christmas, I could definitely watch all the Scom videos, but now can't watch any, even the new ones. Other ones that won't load are Lingerie Suck and a couple by Linux. Any ideas what I can do? I've tried different browsers and updating them and messing around with a few settings, but no luck yet. Thanks!

  8. IM extremely late but Happy New Year to you both Anna & Linux & all the other viewers of this blog site. Awesome video some of those stills were amazingly HOTTT. Linux your video was super great like always with all of your vids. THanks to you both again - Noel xoxo

  9. If this was hosted on Megarotic you'll need to re-up elsewhere


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