Monday, January 23, 2012

#900 - Bend over sissy

For sure.. post number #900 deserves your attention..
first because after 11 months.. i'm here alive and kicking..
and this is a little great miracle..
second one.. because it's one of the most hot hypnotic clip i ever seen..
third.. and final.. becouse this is my absolute favorite position to receive cock!
well.. in truth.. i'm sure it's the favorite position of every sissy.. too..
please, anyone can tell me the reason?! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. This is such a wonderful sissy position because it is the most submissive....bent over, head down, willing to take any speed or depth. your man owns you in this position, can pin your arms back or hold your ankles. you are there only for the pleasure and purpose of the man. it is fantastic!


  2. Anna, I love you so very much. Congratulations on your 900th post. I will thank you 900 times by 900 more. You are an amazing site manager, and a true friend.

    Love and kisses,

  3. wow Anna! 900 posts! And this one is simply amazing! Thank you for this find... all your sissy friends thank you!

  4. hi anna, love this #900 post. it's my favorite postion ass/pussy wide open and fully exposed to be Man used as He sees fit. jayne

  5. Thank you Anna - this made me sooooooooo wet! XX

  6. What i really enjoyed about this was how focused it was on bending over, no oral whatsoever. i think i've found someone that will really accept and use me as the sissy he knows i am. i hope i will be able to bend over for him really soon.

  7. Anna, it seems I can't see the video anymore - did you take it down?

  8. I agree with all the above comments. That vid was so well made & in that position he totally controls you. He can pull your hair, choke you, go slow or fast or soft or hard & you just have to take it. I am late to the party of course (Sorry Anna) but WOW ! 900 posts are a crazy accomplishment. Congrats on that it just shows how awesome you & your blog are. Thanks Anna big hug & soft kisses ( hee hee) - from Noel xoxo


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