Monday, June 18, 2012

#1329 - Omen by Annamalice

I don't know why i'm what i'm..
anyway I know what i like
I like to be feminine.. to dress.. I like act as a girl..
I like men.. I like their bodies.. and their power on me..
I like to serve and I like to obey..
I like to be dominated.. being submissive and enslaved.
I'm faithful and unfaithful.. slave and queen.. stupid and clever..
Anyway I'm powerful.. able to infect you.. a black light.. impossible to clean..
If you are here.. you must know who i'm..
because consequences on you.. could be really unexpected..
Well, for tonight.. my last fatigue... (even if with not so much effort)
from a great fetish clip.. full of taste and class.. found around..
with the wonderful Prodigy's famous song.. Omen
my personal interpretation.. of the sixth sissy sense..
from ever.. living in you all! ;))

Anna Malice


  1. WOW! Amazing video! It is so true, too!

  2. best work yet. seriously amazing video. loved every piece of it. so new and different from everything else.. amazing. loved it.

  3. Love it. Keep up the good work honey.

  4. Anna ormai sei una vera professionista dell'hypnotic!!! Complimenti

  5. I started coming here about 3 months ago and I became addicted this site is amazing! I am a straight guy but last night I met a shemale and took cock for the first time in my life! I sucked her and she fucked my ass! It felt sooooo good and she had an 11 inch BBC! What is happening to me?!


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