Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#1330 - Dungeons e Fetish - Art of sissy orgasm

For today, for the daily D&F collection..
i'm delighted to have found.. another sublime clip by Manami..
protagonist of other fantastic videos.. about sisys orgasm!
I judge her stuff absolutely superior.. her passion, her sensualism..
her fantastic way to be feminine is without comparison..
in every clip you can admire her sublime tecnique..
Looking at her.. it seems so easy to have this kind of delicious pleasure..
even if, you know.. it's not for all so easy...
About this kind of practice.. i want always underline..
the most depends by a good period of abstinence.. more of two weeks, i suppose,
and with time.. and patience you'll be able to practice at the same way.. also more frequently..
by now.. Manami is truly an artist..
makes you feel a lot of intimate sensations.. only by watching her clips..
I'm sure you want to know what she feels... type of pleasure.. and impressions about..
Well let me tell you.. that it's not a case.. she uses a splitted view.. front and rear..
In effect... it's really misleading to think.. she cums with her clitty..
in this kind of orgasm.. pleasure is all behind.. from you ass pussy..
deep, intense and really feminine.. then, subjective..
my experience is.. there aren't orgasms.. similar to each other..
would like to read your experiences about.. ;))

Anna Malice

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  1. Very amazing clip, and seeing them in those stockings and gloves is what really makes it hot for me, though that's a beautiful milking scene too.


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