Saturday, June 9, 2012

#1302 - Hypnotic dirty talking

From a really nice suggestion of our dear friend UnnamedHero..
(many many thanks.. we are all waiting for your new fabulous creations)
a really particular clip.. in pure hypnotic style, like many others..
with a wonderful voice in background.. able to guide you into fantastic world you really prefer..
the world in which you are a slut!! ;)
of course, watching this video.. my favorite play.. is to tray to repeat everything she is able to say..
because it's what i feel everytime i have sexual desire.. ;))
Complete the job.. the best of heterosexual submission to cock clips..
useful to the cause also.. to better addict you.. as the sissy slut fag you are..;))

Anna Malice


  1. Where is the main voice-over from?

  2. WOW I loved that vid & I always try to repeat what the person is saying in the vids in my head all the time too Anna. I always daydream about being a SLUT to girls & to big cocks. I have dreams of mostly girls but, hope this & others will help me have dreams of cock. I do daydream & think of cock a lot in them ( either from transexuals or guys ). Id love to see a mtf transexual on mtf transexual one.

    I doubt anybody would make one so I guess I'll have to some day.

    Great main voice over & IM curious to who it is & where to get it but, I guess I will just search & try to report back here asap.

    THanks Anna & whoever made this. Love ya both tonz - NOel xoxoxo

    Cant wait till I become a girl on the outside to match how I feel on the inside & also to be a slut.


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