Wednesday, June 20, 2012

#1333 - Dungeons e Fetish - Cucumber and cum

I think that being a sissy is an hard thing..
beyond common problems of being accepted.. from society in general..
there are a lot of monstrous problems.. like to be adeguate..
to be decent.. passable.. interesting.. or really sexy..
how much is important for everyone to be nice and desiderable.. is well known..
Imagine how many insecurities.. people like us.. must confront..
i mean.. we didn't born.. as we would like to appear..
we don't know how will be our first time.. if it will be a big success or a full disaster..
it's like a reborn.. without any confidence.. a jump in the dark!
The most of us.. are not prepared to affront this kind of debacle..
because for a sissy.. to be sexy is really too much important! ;(
So when i find a clip with someone really sexy.. is more that a good video to post..
it's pure happyness.. as it was a miracle... as it was me.. ;))
and therefore.. D&F collection of today is dedicated to an hot fantastic crossdresser..
where legs and ass.. are genetically superior.. and sublime superior..
hot clip indeed.. like I did, also, in my past.. who didn't tried a cucumber.. during life?!..
hard to take inside.. strong and painful.. deliciously devastating.. that takes your breath away..
all.. for a perfect simulating... just to try how rocky is a real cock! ins't it?! ;))
bonus track.. because liclic.. is a truly gorgeous sissy.. ;))

Anna Malice

ps. of course, even if beauty is always important.. sensuality is not a question of beauty! ;)

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  1. Oh yes we've all done it haven't we gurls!

    A nice long cuke can be a dream and if it is flexible and you take your time a sissy can work it all the way in (past the second sphincter). This is a good way to have a very intense anal orgasm BUT BE CAREFUL if the cuke breaks (or more likely gets sucked right in as you cum)then it's a very embarassing trip to A&E for you! XXX


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